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Paid search is our bread and butter.

In an increasingly complex landscape, successful paid search campaigns require a methodical strategy that is nimble enough to evolve alongside a landscape that is constantly in flux.

We balance automation with human touch to drive impressive results for our clients.

For the last 15+ years, our expert ability to understand consumer intent has helped our clients stay one step ahead. Our approach to paid search has continued to evolve as Google increasingly places greater emphasis on co-optimization and bidding strategies than on keywords. To successfully advertise within paid search, it’s critical to think beyond keywords and audience parameters like demographics. Instead, we leverage an action-based methodology where we focus on the elements we can control (profitable bids) and are laser-focused on users with the propensity to take a desired action.

As part of our future-proofed approach to paid search, we also lean heavily into automated bid strategies and dynamic campaign elements — such as responsive search ads (RSAs) and dynamic search ads (DSAs) — to drive performance. Paired with diligent monitoring and optimizations by our team of performance marketing experts, our results are unmatched.

Co-optimization never an afterthought – it’s central to search at Collective Measures. 

Paid search doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s why we’re constantly thinking about the non-search factors that we must consider and incorporate into our strategy. The overlap between paid and organic search is obvious even to untrained eyes. Enter: co-optimization. To fully maximize a brand’s presence in the search engine results pages, we analyze the performance of paid and organic search and work to understand success at both a keyword and intent level. We craft a strategy that satisfies both channels and look for opportunities for them to shine individually. We execute co-optimization tests, engage in ongoing analysis, and use this information to inform budget allocation. Continually.

We are truly paid search experts with a variety of ever-evolving specialities

No matter what Google throws our way, we root our recommendations and ongoing optimizations against a data-backed paid search strategy. Our ‘north star’ to driving success for our clients, our strategies are customized for each client and include elements like audience, how long it takes to drive action, and both upper and lower funnel targeting to ensure our search marketing strategy is driving results for your business.

Campaign structure is one of the most widely debated topics in search marketing. It’s also one we have a firm stance on. We dig deep into historical data and performance to understand current state, and then provide recommendations for any necessary updates to ensure all accounts and campaigns are optimally structured. For each client, we deliberately structure campaigns around not only specific business goals and objectives, but also consumers’ journeys.

Campaign management at Collective Measures is ongoing and relentless. Every day we monitor performance within platforms and make adjustments to improve performance. We take pride in our diligent management of budgets and bids to ensure clients’ marketing dollars are invested wisely.

Paramount to the success of shopping campaigns, feed management can be a time consuming and meticulous process for e-commerce clients. Let us make it easy for you. We understand the nuances in feed management and have experience with a variety of the leading feed management tools.

With paid and organic search algorithms continuing to converge, these efforts can no longer be viewed in silos. Technical search engine optimization (SEO) factors like site speed now inform paid search performance, and identifying which keywords have the highest paid search click-through rate can help inform organic (metadata) tagging on pages. Taking a co-optimized approach to search marketing is now table stakes, and is how we approach all of our partnerships to drive results.

As an agency that doesn’t believe in “set it and forget it,” we are continuously looking for ways to improve campaign performance by refining factors that impact quality score like keyword cost per click, expected click-through rate, keyword quality, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Bringing forward proactive recommendations to our clients is not only how we maintain multi-year relationships but how we continue to beat our own results year after year.


Get a sneak peek into the future with forecasting

Wouldn’t it be nice to understand the ROI of future paid search investments? Or gain insight into how changes in paid search investment would impact performance? Practix’ forecasting capabilities enable our experts to predict and project future gains from your campaigns. This means our team can better project a media channel’s impact and influence on progress toward business goals based on variable inputs to drive measurable results.


The US Search Awards

Finalist, Best Use of Search / B2B (PPC) (2021)

The US Search Awards

Finalist, Best Use of Data (PPC) (2021)

Google Premier Partner Awards

Finalist, Premier Partner of the Year in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (2021)

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