Our Legacy

Our founder, Nina Hale, established the agency to solve clients’ business problems. Her curiosity, business acumen, and trademark passion fostered sustained success. So even though Nina Hale has rebranded to Collective Measures, who we are at our core has not changed.

Our Story

We Are

Nina Hale changed its name to Collective Measures to better reflect who we are today — an employee-owned performance marketing agency.


Nina Hale was founded in 2005

Nina Hale got tired of “working for the man” and set up shop as a one-woman search marketing consultancy, Nina Hale the agency.

Nina Hale evolved and expanded

And won countless industry awards along the way — including Google’s award for the Most Innovative Shopping Campaign in North America.

And we’re still expanding

Nina Hale was founded as a search agency, transitioned into a full digital agency, and now as Collective Measures we’re using data and analytics for so much more.

We’ve kept our unique personality

A perfect example? We offer employees “Fur-ternity leave” to take care of their fur babies when they need help the most.

Collective Measures is a performance marketing agency

We take your complex problems and leverage data to analyze them. Challenge them. Interpret them. So we can uncover actionable insights to help you simplify your business.

From Nina Hale To Collective Measures

With the growth that we’ve seen over the last 15 years as Nina Hale, we needed a name that supported our growing capabilities, while also supporting our mission of becoming the most sought-after and influential performance marketing agency in the world. We chose the name Collective Measures because it’s a name that better reflects who we are today. We’re not one person. We’re an employee-owned collective. A performance marketing agency. We’re constantly looking for new ways to use data, analytics, and media to simplify today’s marketing complexity.

Collective Measures Founder

Nina Hale

Nina’s brilliance, business acumen, and trademark passion have been the key ingredients to the agency’s sustained success. Though Nina has stepped back from day-to-day operations, she continues to serve on the agency’s board and remains a vibrant part of the agency’s life, and the core values Nina Hale instilled in the company are still the same values we live by today.

The Collective Measures Difference

We love the hunt for answers.

We love the hunt for answers. Taking client problems and analyzing them. Interpreting them. Solving them. Because the more complex marketing becomes, the more important simple, actionable insights are.