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Maximize paid + organic social media to engage consumers and drive business.

Bridge paid and organic social to amplify content impact and support users throughout their paths to purchase.

Our complementary approach to social media supports a variety of business objectives.

Social media marketing continues to evolve, thanks to the introduction of new platforms from Snapchat to TikTok plus changing privacy regulations, audience targeting parameters, and user behavior. But what has remained consistent is its critical – and effective – role within a digital marketing mix. More than almost any other channel, social media can change the shape of the consumer journey, altering the way consumers learn about and interact with their favorite brands. But the same things that make social media exciting also make it challenging. And intimidating. Where should you start? What channels should you be investing in? That’s where we come in. At Collective Measures, we use data to inform platform selection and content priorities, and develop integrated social media strategies. Whether implementing successful paid social campaigns or guiding your organization to organic social success, our team of experts can help your brand meaningfully engage with your target audience.

Paid Social Media Marketing

True to form, our paid social campaigns are performance-driven across the entire funnel. We identify strategies that align with the evolving landscape to maximize performance both now and into the future. With experience on a wide variety of social channels from Meta’s Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, we know the best practices for each platform to achieve the desired objective – lead generation, ecommerce, direct response, awareness, or engagement. And we have the results to prove it.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Sustained social media success hinges on first defining the unique goal of each channel within an organization’s social mix. So that’s exactly where we start. We make recommendations grounded in data and research like channel audits, competitive analysis, consumer journey research, social listening, and more. With this data at our fingertips, we partner with our clients to build an organic social strategy. But we don’t stop there. To bring this strategy to life, we can also provide our clients with content calendars, content distribution plans, governance policies, community management guidelines, and more to fuel ongoing success.

Our social media specialities:

Aligned to your business objectives, our experts will develop a complementary paid and organic social media strategy to reach your target audience. Whether your goal is to increase engagement, awareness, or acquisition, our team of experts will bring forward data-backed recommendations to drive results.

Our team of performance media experts manages paid social campaigns with the greatest attention to detail. From content and asset guidance to audience development, measurement suggestions, proactive opportunity identification, and forecasting outcomes that align with the changing landscape, our approach to ongoing management and optimizations is truly unmatched.

A powerful tactic to align your brand with a trusted source, influencer marketing is a growing segment within social media marketing. From influencer identification to messaging support and paid promotion, there are a number of ways Collective Measures can provide strategic direction and support for your brands influencer efforts.

A strong social strategy is only powerful if it can be brought to life in execution. With experience creating content calendars, developing social copy, identifying topics and themes, or bringing forward a content distribution plan, our team can help bring your social strategy to life.


We leverage the power of social listening data to fuel our strategies

We take social media reporting to the next level by incorporating social listening insights alongside reporting deliverables powered by Practix to fuel social performance. With this approach, our social experts are able to leverage the quantitative and qualitative measurements of social media conversations to uncover topical insights that guide our social strategies, measure changes in brand reputation, and monitor for consumer trends.


The Drum Awards for Digital Industries

Highly Commended, Best Use of Pinterest (2021)

Content Marketing Awards

Finalist, Best Use of Multichannel Social Media in Content Marketing (2021)

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