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Data-driven strategies that drive business results.

Create strategies to capture your audience at key moments in their purchase journeys.

Data is the foundation of our customized media strategies and plans.

To succeed in today’s complex marketing landscape, you have to think beyond single tactic digital marketing programs. Strategies must be integrated across the full media ecosystem — traditional and digital — to reach consumers in the right way, at the right time, with an authentic and relevant message.

Data is the key to bringing a plan like this to fruition. Which is exactly why Collective Measures excels in building integrated media strategies and media plans. We’re a performance marketing agency at our core, which means we dig deep to help our clients not only break through in known opportunity areas, but to uncover and capitalize on new ones. We have a unique approach to identifying a brands’ digital competitors and use it to prioritize media and messaging. We collect and align performance metrics across channels to isolate nuanced consumer journey insights. And we carefully track emerging trends in both technology and consumer behavior to ensure our clients stay ahead of the pack.

A huge part of our strategy + planning practice focuses on aligning digital and traditional channels in a way that allows clients to take advantage of (and accurately track) both online and offline touch points. This requires us to not only operate in efficient cross-functional internal teams, but to work collaboratively with external client teams and other key stakeholders. Proof that this approach is successful? In our most recent client survey, over 90% of Collective Measures clients surveyed reported they were either very satisfied or satisfied with our services.

Our core strategy & planning offerings:

Aligned to our clients’ primary business objectives, our cross-channel media experts craft customized integrated media strategies leveraging all the data we can get our hands on from first-party data, competitive data, industry research, and more to drive measurable results.

Different channels play different roles in a given media mix. And it’s our job to identify the strongest channel combination to drive results. We critically evaluate all options – both digital and traditional – and make recommendations based on alignment to business objectives, campaign goals, and target audience. The end result? A cohesive, cross-channel campaign that effectively engages audiences both on and offline.

Depending on business goals, target audiences, budget, and campaign duration, there are a number of media mixes that brands can deploy. Powered by Practix and our media experts, we can provide data-backed media mix recommendations that align to core marketing objectives.

We operate in a world where disruption is the norm, so staying up to date on changes happening across the marketing landscape is both imperative and challenging. We help simplify today’s complex marketing landscape by proactively surfacing the most relevant trends for your business.


Our media mix models power effective media strategies

Leveraging our proprietary intelligence engine, Practix, we run millions of simulations on a brand’s media mix to help inform a macro view of our media strategy and develop an optimal integrated media mix. This capability not only helps assess the impact of a brand’s media investments by understanding what channels are driving results, but also allows our experts to optimize tactics and spend accordingly. This combination of machine-learned insights paired with our brilliant media execution team ensures media investments are positioned to maximize results.


AdWeek Performance Marketing Awards

2021 Campaign of the Year

Campaign US Media Awards

2021 Best Data-Drive Media Plan

MediaPost OMMA Awards

Finalist, Excellence in CPG Category

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