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We use data to reach real people in the right places with the right messages.

Display is more than banners – it’s about creating an impact and supporting consumers throughout their purchase experience.

Our display campaigns take performance to the next level.

At Collective Measures, we take a highly customized approach to planning and executing display media because we are not limited to specific platforms, ad servers, and exchanges. Across display executions like banners, online video, connected TV, streaming audio, native, digital out-of-home, and more, we thoughtfully select not only the right tactical mix for each campaign, but the right vendors, platforms, and ad types to meet your goals.

We believe the best display campaigns consider the proper mix of both programmatic and direct buys, with the two working in tandem to address different goals. We have complementary experience planning, strategizing, negotiating, and executing media programmatically through our own internal trade desk and directly with direct partners. Whether we are utilizing programmatic to offer targeted reach or working directly with partners to provide premium placements, we help our clients stand out and make a lasting impression with ads that draw attention from highly qualified audiences, positioning our brands against the backdrop of premium, relevant content.

Our Internal Trade Desk

Used for programmatic campaigns, our internal trade desk is an aggregation of several demand-side platforms (DSPs) and other media buying platforms. This means all programmatic/display media campaigns are managed in-house, so we have full control and visibility into all aspects of our client’s media buys. We offer clients a fully transparent media solution coupled with the highest standards of excellence for brand safety, anti-fraud measures, and viewability.

We keep our clients’ objectives and core audiences top of mind when managing display campaigns.

In alignment with a larger cross-channel media strategy, our team crafts display-specific media strategies to ensure efforts pack the greatest punch. This includes everything from ad tech vendor or publisher selection to launching campaigns within our own internal trade desk to ensure we drive the strongest results for our clients.

Our team of display strategists are the same individuals planning, buying, and executing campaigns in either self-service platforms or in partnership with external vendors. With a number of tools at our fingertips, we have the utmost control and visibility into campaign performance so we can provide clients with both complete transparency and the highest standard of excellence.

To accurately measure display’s cross-channel influence and ensure maximum impact, Collective Measures intentionally sets aside budget to execute a number of tests and gather meaningful metrics. This includes brand lift studies, control/exposed studies, light/dark testing, and more.

Display media performance is not only dependent on precise targeting and placement, but on strong creative to drive action. Partnering with our client’s creative team or partner(s), we’ll work hand-in-hand to ensure creative is tagged and trafficked against agreed upon timelines so our campaigns can launch on time and on budget. But we don’t stop there – we’ll also provide recommendations to ensure creative meets best practices and proactively share performance insights with your creative partners to inform future campaign iterations.


We leverage the power of multi-touch attribution insights to drive results

Practix’ multi-touch attribution capabilities provide greater insight into cross-channel performance and identify new cross-channel optimization opportunities. How? The data Practix can collect and tie together enables our media experts to gain a novel view into a client’s customer – from off-site activity to on-site and offline behavior – which provides greater insight into consumer behavior. Unique to Collective Measures, Practix’ integration with The Trade Desk also allows our clients to gain insight into impression-level activity of a user’s journey. This allows our teams to understand how digital impressions are working with other paid ad exposures and non-paid brand interactions.


93% increase in brand search

In light/dark market comparison, markets running connectedTV (CTV), saw increased site traffic and brand demand

Proved a strong, positive correlation between display media impression volume and brand search impressions and clicks

Illuminated strong correlation between display media and Google Shopping results, indicating display helped increase demand and engagement

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