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Display advertising doesn’t have to be a black box of media dollars. It also doesn’t have to be limited to just awareness-related business goals. “Display” has rapidly evolved to encompass so much more than standard banners. Today, display media also includes a variety of different tactics – pre-roll, streaming audio, connected TV, and native – that are tapped to support a wide variety of needs.

At Collective Measures, we have all the tools in place for display media success – a highly skilled team of strategists, planners, and traders, established processes for campaign management and reporting, and best-in-class tools to ensure brand safety, including our own internal trade desk.

  • Display media strategy
  • Customized planning, buying, and execution both in self-service platforms and with outside vendors
  • Creative tagging and trafficking
  • Campaign pacing, optimizations, and maintenance
  • Performance analysis
  • Campaign testing and measurement: brand lift studies, control/exposed studies, light/dark testing

Tactical Experience

Programmatic Media Buying, Site-direct Media Buying, Retargeting, Prospecting, Native Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Audio and Video, Rich Media Execution


Drove 15% brand lift from an awareness campaign
Produced 11.6MM impressions and 45,000 site visitors in just two months
Generated 16MM impressions and 7,200 application downloads

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