Unlock a world of better data, insights and results with Practix.

Practix is our proprietary intelligence engine. It helps you stay a step ahead by evolving with your business. But it’s not just an analytics tool, it’s a platform developed to combine the latest in marketing tech and human powered insights to propel your business into the future.


We built Practix to do what other platforms can’t.

Practix excels at bringing together three fundamental elements that lead to better business results.

Data & Reporting

The foundation upon which all future work is built.

We mine and align the most relevant data to get the most accurate picture of performance.

Multi-channel reporting

We integrate all marketing campaign data to get a unified view of our clients’ marketing efforts in one place. Reports outline key performance metrics and allow our clients to view cross-channel digital influence on both online and offline conversions to glean insights into priority KPIs.

Questions it can answer

  • What is my total media investment?
  • How much revenue is my media driving?
  • How efficient is my overall media budget?

Tag quality assurance & monitoring

By constantly monitoring media and analytics via Google Tag Manager (GTM), our analysts proactively receive notifications when problems occur and can take quick action to resolve it, ensuring there are no gaps in measuring success.

Questions it can answer

  • Are all conversion tags set up and firing properly?
  • How can I ensure there are no gaps in measurement on my campaigns?
  • How quickly will any issues with tags be identified?

Advanced Analytics

A singular, consolidated platform to guide your media strategy.

Practix brings together the industry’s best measurement tools, client data, and best-in-class engineering talent to provide you with the most complete picture to guide media optimization.

Custom Data Integration

The integration of custom client data (CRM, point-of-sale, etc.) into the Practix reporting platform takes campaign insights and optimizations to the next level. By integrating custom data into Practix, we gain a holistic understanding of campaign performance and can align reporting to overarching client business goals and KPIs.

Questions it can answer

  • Could I be getting more out of my first-party data like my CRM?
  • Is it possible to see offline data alongside digital performance?
  • How can I measure the media impact of offline touchpoints?
  • Is a unified view of my offline and online data possible?

Media mix modeling (MMM)

Our MMM capability leverages client data (historical media performance, revenue, etc.) and external data (eg. macroeconomic factors) to evaluate millions of media mixes and media’s incremental contribution to conversion. Then, paired with expertise from our media leaders, we provide the top media mixes based on your business goals, allowing you to allocate media spend more effectively.

Questions it can answer

  • What is the ideal media mix to drive business results most effectively and efficiently?
  • How does an ideal media mix compare to my current media mix?
  • What should my media mix be for the coming year?
  • Has my media provided an incremental lift against my business goals?

Multi-touch attribution (MTA)

The data we are able to collect and tie together provides a novel view of your customers’ behavior across the purchase journey. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to see how channels work together, inform future media plans, and further optimize media based on its assisted value. And clients are able to gain a more accurate view of how media channels and tactics interact to drive conversion.

Questions it can answer

  • How are awareness media tactics driving lower-funnel conversions and/or offline revenue?
  • What is the consumer’s journey with my media mix?
  • How can I gain a more holistic view of how my cross-channel media mix drives conversions?
  • How is my digital media mix impacting offline conversions?

Insights & Outcomes

Our brilliant team combs through all the data to give you recommendations that help clients achieve the best results.

To get to meaningful insights and outcomes, we use several Practix capabilities to get you the most relevant data on performance, giving you an accurate picture of how spend is being utilized to maximize results.

Closed-loop media execution

Building on custom data integration, this tactic allows us to optimize media against our client’s custom data sets. Leveraging automation, we can then enhance campaign performance by optimizing against the highest value conversion data. This tactic helps our clients reach new heights with media execution.

Questions it can answer

  • How can I leverage AI to optimize against my offline conversions?
  • Am I able to view how granular performance media tactics are driving offline conversions?
  • Can I have platforms optimize to offline revenue?
  • How do I view my offline conversions and revenue next to media performance?

Consumer Journey Mapping

Our data-driven approach to consumer journey mapping combines media and on-site pathing to identify high-value audiences and conversion paths. This allows us to predict a customer’s likelihood for future conversion, build custom audiences based on first-party data that drive even more effective targeting, and complete more robust optimizations – including Practix’s closed-loop media execution capabilities.

Questions it can answer

  • Can you help me identify high value users/ audiences to target?
  • What actions are users taking on my website?
  • Is there anything impeding my user from converting on my website?
  • Have you identified any conversion rate optimization opportunities?
  • Can Practix enhance my existing first-party data with predictive modeling to determine high propensity converters?

Media Forecasting

Practix’ forecasting capabilities allow us to project future gains from investments within a specific channel. This helps our clients better understand the impact additional dollars spent could have on progress toward business goals.

Questions it can answer

  • What can I expect in terms of revenue, leads or conversion by increasing spend within a specific channel?
  • What channels should I invest my incremental budget within?
  • Can you share expected leads or conversions within my industry or vertical if I were to add a new channel to my media mix?
  • Can you help me forecast my media budgets by channel for the year?


A step by step look at how we put our capabilities to work.


Measurement & Data Strategy

In alignment with our client’s objectives, we develop a custom data and measurement strategy to understand what we need to measure and why. Then, we define what data needs to be collected and how it moves alongside the consumer’s path to conversion. But this isn’t done in a vacuum. We complete this in tandem with our client’s media strategy so all tactics align to their overarching goals.

Data Onboarding

We set our clients up for success through seamless data onboarding and ongoing data normalization. Led by our data engineers, we connect to not only the most common marketing platforms, but virtually any desired dataset or platform relevant to our clients. From there, we standardize all incoming data so that we can provide streamlined, cross-channel reporting.

Executional Insights

Multi-channel reporting is the first tangible place Practix comes to life for our clients. It’s through a repeatable cadence of reporting – powered by Practix’ automation capabilities – that we gain invaluable performance insights that lead to stronger recommendations and optimizations.

Modeling & Analysis

Through our advanced analytics and modeling capabilities, we help clients make more informed business decisions. Whether we’re infusing custom data into reporting, developing nuanced attribution models, and/or modeling future media mixes, Practix gives our clients deeper insights into their customer’s propensity to convert.

Closed-loop Media Activation

Here we bring all of the Practix wonder together. By connecting custom client data directly into media platforms, our media experts can optimize media campaigns against true business outcomes using signals platforms wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. This not only gives our clients a unique competitive edge, but allows them to make meaningful strides towards business goals.


Here’s how Practix stacks up against the competition

Every player in our category has their own approach for guiding media mix recommendations. Here’s why we think Practix is the best.

  • Aggregate disparate datasets into a single, unified view
  • Forecast paid media campaign budgets across paid search, paid social and display
  • Combine custom data with online activity to drive performance
  • Integrate offline data sources with media platforms to enhance optimizations
  • Leverage media touchpoints to outline a user’s journey, including awareness media
  • Simulate millions of potential media mixes for budget allocation optimizations
  • Model awareness media’s historical impact on revenue
  • Leverage identity resolution for a more holistic, cross-device view of a user
Our services
Our services

Practix is a game changer that informs every aspect of what we do.

From media to SEO, Practix helps make all our work smarter by unearthing insights others miss — leading to more well-informed, faster business decisions.

2022 Product of the Year Winner
2022 Product of the Year Winner

We didn’t create Practix to win awards. It just kinda happened that way.

Happy clients are the best measure of success. See how Practix is helping our partners get the most out of every dollar spent.

Practix Impact

Within a matter of months, Collective Measures lowered our cost-per-acquisition.

Client Industry | Healthcare
Our data engineers re-coded the client’s daily offline data file and leveraged Practix’ closed-loop media activation capabilities to optimize media efforts against these “real time” offline behaviors. The ability to optimize against “real time offline data not only led to lower cost per acquisition, but also allowed for deeper business insights that weren’t accessible before.

60% decrease in cost-per-acquisition

The team leveraged data from Practix to inform real-time optimizations to elements like ad copy and audience targeting.

Client Industry | Home improvement
Our national tile brand client leveraged Practix’ offline data integration capabilities to gain deeper insights into how online touchpoints directly influenced in-store purchases. They learned 58% of all transactions were impacted by at least one media touchpoint. The data helped inform real-time optimizations that led to impressive year-over-year increase in in-store revenue.

58% of all transactions were impacted by at least one media touchpoint

6.5 average number of touchpoints before purchase

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