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Practix Explained

What Practix Does

We create data-driven integrated strategies that drive results.

Practix provides a suite of capabilities, but they all start with its ability to aggregate data from countless sources — both internal and external — into one solid platform that offers an exceedingly fast speed to onboarding. From there, our data engineering team ensures reports can be up and running in a day. Multi-touch attribution starts working in weeks instead of months. And every single KPI can be reported, metric can be tracked, model can be built, and report can be customized and delivered right to your inbox.

Common ways Practix is used

  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Cross channel, flexible dashboards and reports
  • Consumer journey management (mapping and analytics)
  • Offline data integration into online media platforms
  • Media mix modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Closed loop media execution

Close the loop from offline to online.

Practix opens an entirely different way to think about the impact of your media. Our closed-loop approach allows us to take the insights driven by business metrics and connect them to the levers in the media platforms. So you can have your media optimized very quickly, make better business decisions and tweak anything from first touch to final sale — online and off.

Practix Capabilities

Countless Platform Integrations

Integrate hundreds of platforms seamlessly, including offline data and business data held in your internal CRM or other backend systems, to run more efficient campaigns and drive highly qualified leads back into your sales funnel or stores.

Tailored Information Delivery

Whatever information your business needs can be at your fingertips at all times. Report delivery automation. Online report suite availability. Cross-channel reporting. Yes, and whatever else you need, delivered with right-up-to-the-split-second-you-ask-for-it accuracy.

Online Analytics Processing

Save time with a consistent process for data attribution (online to offline), budgeting and planning. Highly scalable and repeatable, Practix ensures your desired data is clean and prepped for use. Multi-touch attribution. Forecasting. Modeling. You name it, we’ll help you figure it out.

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