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We reach users wherever they are by using data to inform traditional media recommendations.

Blend digital and traditional media strategies to reach people across channels and devices.

Using traditional media to fuel brand discovery and top of mind awareness.

When it comes to developing integrated media plans, our collective of experts bring forward channel recommendations based on a media channel’s ability to achieve a specific goal or objective rather than relying on one to do it all. This means that we take an unbiased approach to media planning. We take the time to truly evaluate what channels and tactics make sense to leverage, and consider both traditional and digital channels.

Centered around our client’s goals and objectives, we develop integrated media plans that include channels best suited for the job. And when a client taps in our experts for help garnering mass reach, fueling brand discovery, or a need to build brand awareness, we’ll certainly consider the role traditional media tactics play. From linear television, terrestrial radio, out-of-home, print, and more, we know how to expertly leverage traditional media tactics to fuel results for our clients whether for national of market-specific campaigns.

Gaining measurable results from traditional media.

Traditional media often gets a bad rap for being hard to measure, but we’re up for the challenge. To make this media measurable, we leverage innovative methods of adding key layers of data into media buying, planning, benchmarking, testing, and measuring both overall results and the role a given ad plays in the broader consumer journey. We ask ourselves questions like: how can we eliminate waste and ensure our message reaches the right person? How can we layer in new, forward-thinking offerings while balancing proven performers? What tests can we run to quantify impact? What offline and online performance metrics can we pull into our analysis to understand attribution? We apply the same level of rigor in execution and measurement to traditional media as we do digital, and in doing so set ourselves apart from the competition.

Our traditional media specialities:

Unlike digital media, traditional media doesn’t involve a centralized platform that can be leveraged to plan and execute campaigns against. This makes partnering with an expert media agency like Collective Measures paramount to developing a strong traditional media strategy. Using all the data at our fingertips – think industry-leading tools like SRDS, comScore, Kantar, and others – we develop traditional media strategies and flighting recommendations that are sure to move the needle.

No two DMAs are the same. This means no two stations or media outlets are the same. So, we approach each traditional buy as its own entity and optimize the media plans according to the unique opportunities available in each local market. In every case, our sights are set on plan optimization and efficiency, as there are so many indeterminate factors that can affect the outcome of a successful negotiation and buy.

Leveraging industry leading tools like comScore and our proprietary intelligence engine, Practix, we complete customer segmentation analyses to gain a well-rounded picture of our clients’ target audiences to inform traditional media channel selection. Using data to hone in on who the audience is, what they like and dislike, highest indexing channels, media consumption habits, and more, we can make smarter channel selection recommendations. But we don’t stop there. Armed with this data, we ensure our traditional media tactics align to the best program, format or times of day to engage consumers and include the strongest messages based on their behavior and our desired actions.

There are a number of ways that Collective Measures can measure and report on traditional media performance beyond reach and frequency. When it comes to high-level reporting, we have experience working with vendors and stations to compile run data by station, network, program, time of day, and more. When ads contained phone numbers or vanity URLs, we have used call tracking partners and website analytics platforms to pull ad specific traffic. And on top of that, our team can leverage our partnerships with other industry leading media vendors (ex. TVSquared, Samba) to include specific metrics or data into our reports to provide further insight into performance.

Our teams are constantly looking to maximize media investment and get the most out of all vendors and placements. When working with outside media vendors, we work to negotiate package pricing and combine online and offline opportunities to gain efficiencies and learnings. We also put our negotiation expertise into action to secure additional no-charge media weight, or new offerings and opportunities to bolster the media buy.

Practix in action

Redefine your traditional media approach with media mix modeling

Media mix modeling can be a helpful analytical tool for brands leveraging traditional media, but when paired with Collective Measures traditional media experts, we bring depth of insights and performance to the next level. Ingesting 2+ years of a clients’ historical data – including media plan data and performance outcomes – our in-house team of data engineers and analysts can analyze traditional media data alongside other datasets like economic factors, digital media performance data, and business metrics to run millions of simulations to ensure investments in traditional media continue to fuel business growth.


Used local terrestrial radio to increase unaided brand awareness by 16% and purchase intent by 12%

When combined with a cross-channel video approach, local market linear TV increased unaided brand awareness by 21% and purchase intent by 12%

Drove 80% brand lift

in an integrated media campaign for direct-to-customer portal launch

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