Honeywell Paid Social Media Campaign for Product Release

Collective Measures has worked with Honeywell for several years, with projects spanning paid media, search engine optimization, and social media.

The Challenge

Grow social following in preparation for product launch.

After launching the Honeywell Home Facebook page, the company engaged Collective Measures to grow its fan volume in preparation for a major product release. In order to use Facebook and Twitter for generating awareness, brand advocates, and ultimately leads, Honeywell sought to grow each channel to a total of 25,000 fans/followers.

The solution

We used social media to reach the right audiences.

  • Paid Social
  • Social Media

Collective Measures created an approach that utilized paid media to find and acquire the most authentic audiences. After identifying the appropriate audiences on each social channel, we utilized granular targeting to reach and test the effectiveness of advertisements to each audience. We also engaged in ad copy testing to understand and refine messaging based on the most effective copy.

The results

14,664 New Facebook likes during the two-month campaign.

When the campaign ended, Collective Measures had met and succeeded in our goal of 25,000 fans with a total of 32,868 fans/followers on both Facebook and Twitter. Growing Facebook by 252% and Twitter by 38,715%.