Room & Board Google Shopping Campaign

Room & Board’s online furniture-buying experience has become an increasingly important part of its business.

The Challenge

Revise paid media strategy to drive growth.

But, as online competition continued to grow with the addition of competitors ranging from niche shops to large online retailers, Room & Board’s online growth was flat. It was time to revamp its paid search and Google shopping approach.

The solution

We restructured Google Shopping campaigns to drive results.

  • Google Shopping
  • Paid Search

Working with partner Collective Measures, Room & Board discovered its presence in search results did not accurately reflect their products. Collective Measures specifically identified opportunities to restructure Google Shopping: hindered by technical issues, as well as a campaign structure that limited the ability to invest more in top performing products, the existing campaign was overfunding low performers and underfunding top performers.

Collective Measures completed a substantial overhaul, optimizing against granular information to capture more sales volume.

The results

Our results were so impressive even Google took notice.

Collective Measures was named the 2017 North American Winner for our Google Shopping Innovation.

When compared to the previous year, the Shopping campaign resulted in:

  • 438% increase in campaign revenue
  • 270% increase in return on ad spend
  • 865% increase in converted clicks
  • 113% increase in conversion rate
  • 60% decrease in cost per click
  • 81% decrease in cost per acquisition
  • 340% increase in impressions
  • 352% increase in overall clicks
  • 169% increase in share of voice