Case Study

Paid Media Campaign Restructure for CPG Snack Brand

As a leader in the on-the-go snack category with sales primarily stemming from convenience, grocery, and big box retailers, this CPG brand was looking to better understand how paid search and shopping could benefit their bottom line.
INDUSTRY: eCommerce
SERVICE: Paid Search

The Challenge

Understand how paid search and shopping impact the bottom line

A leader in the protein snack category, this CPG snack brand  is sold in convenience / grocery stores and big box retailers across the U.S, as well as through online channels (including Amazon and the brand’s website). Having historically relied on traditional channels to drive in-store sales, this brand had a desire to grow its ecommerce revenue in 2020.

The first step? The on-the-go snack brand wanted to understand how paid search and shopping could impact on their bottom line. To accomplish this, the brand turned to agency partner Collective Measures for help.  

The Solution

A full campaign restructure was recommended to capture consumer demand

After reviewing the existing campaign structure for this CPG snack brand’s paid search and shopping campaigns, the CM team determined a full restructure was needed to more effectively capture consumer demand. The restructure was extensive, and included:

  • Developing new Masterbrand campaigns to capitalize on high purchase intent
  • Reducing cannibalization across the account
  • Expanding nonbrand campaigns to test into new audience segments
  • Implementing dynamic search ad campaigns (DSAs) to capture incremental revenue

The team was focused on driving performance with the restructure, which included ensuring the right tools were leveraged to track key performance metrics. This included implementing Amazon’s attribution pixel to better understand how campaigns are impacted by Amazon sales and a product feed management tool to more effectively scale shopping campaigns.  

The Results

Both paid search and shopping campaigns saw increased performance

Completed at the onset of the global pandemic, the newly implemented restructure was perfectly positioned to capture increasing demand as ecommerce behavior skyrocketed. Almost immediately, both search and shopping campaigns saw a positive increase in performance across all key metrics, including the following highlights:

  • With 75% less spend, CM maintained site traffic and achieved a 73% more efficient cost per click 
  • 854% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) year-over-year
  • 628% increase in quarterly transactions year-over-year
  • 598% increase in quarterly revenue year-over-year

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