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TV / Video Advertising

Modernize TV / video media plans to move beyond traditional cable and satellite packages and improve your accuracy, targeting and results.

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The lines between screens have dissolved.

In the eyes of a consumer, video is video no matter what screen it’s consumed on (or how the media was purchased). So it should come as no surprise that in today’s fragmented media landscape, sticking with a siloed TV / video strategy can’t deliver the results it used to. That’s why we take an audience-first approach to planning. It’s an approach that lets our clients target consumers instead of channels, so they can improve accuracy and reduce waste by engaging the most relevant users whenever, wherever and however they’re watching TV. 

Our audience-first approach updates TV into a true performance channel. We use our proprietary data solution to take measurements that go well beyond delivery metrics, so we can help clients understand how video impressions are delivering results across their entire media mix.

  • Linear TV buying (spot, scatter, remnant)
  • Advanced (OTT, data-driven linear)
  • Creative performance insights + recommendations 
  • Multiple creative types (short form pre-roll, :30 spot, etc.)
  • Offline media measurement 
  • Campaign maintenance + reconciliation

Tactical Experience

Spot TV, Linear, remnant, Connected TV, addressable, programmatic video, over the top (OOT), video on demand (VOD), full episode programming, pre-roll video, data-driven linear


As a long-time client, we helped Deluxe prepare for their season 5 hit series “Small Business Revolution” launch, running a month-long campaign that delivered the most video impressions of any channel in the media mix.

We partnered with United Way to develop and implement a holistic video strategy across YouTube and Programmatic Video, utilizing each platform’s capabilities to maximize target audience reach and onsite engagement.

In an effort to drive brand awareness and online sales, CM deployed a robust YouTube Trueview for Action campaign for a CPG snack brand client resulting in a huge 6.2% lift in sales.

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Strategy + Planning

Create strategies to capture your audience at key moments in their purchase journeys.

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Brand Performance Communications

Use analytics, measurement & reporting to drive data-informed media, content and distribution to build your brand.

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Paid Search

Go beyond the keyword to cut through the clutter and to drive results.

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Social Media

Bridge paid and organic social to maximize impact and to support consumers throughout their paths to purchase.

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Display Media

Use data to reach real people in the right places with the right messages.

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Traditional Media

Blend digital and traditional media strategies to reach people across channels and devices.

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Online Marketplaces

Harness the power of eCommerce hubs to drive revenue across verticals.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Combine content, technical, and foundational SEO to dominate in search.

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Content Marketing

Use data and insights to make your content count.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Apply data-driven strategies that engage consumers with key content experiences.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Utilize data and tweak experiences to spark your audience into action.

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Marketing Analytics & Measurement

Leverage sophisticated analytics to tell a story and to solve tough marketing challenges.

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Creative Partners

Seamlessly partner with some of the top creatives in the industry to deliver smart, break through work.

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