Leaderone Email Strategy for Recruitment Efforts

Email Strategy for LeaderOne’s Recruitment Efforts

LeaderOne tasked Collective Measures with leveraging a targeted list of prospective loan originators to increase awareness, consideration, and ultimately applications for employment during a 3-month email and paid media pilot.

The Challenge

Crafting a successful recruitment campaign during a period of high unemployment

Who wants to work at LeaderOne?

With several open positions to fill and unemployment at historically low levels, LeaderOne needed a new approach to its recruitment efforts to overcome a low volume of applicants. With a targeted list of prospective loan originators as the target audience, Collective Measures was tasked with increasing LeaderOne’s applications as part of a 3-month pilot campaign.

Leaderone Email Strategy for Recruitment Efforts

The solution

Using email to nurture applicants along their journey

By leveraging email addresses provided by LeaderOne, we built a personalized email strategy to effectively reach prospective employees. This strategy encouraged loan originators to learn more about employment opportunities with the organization.

The email strategy included recommendations specific to:

  • Content themes
  • Message testing 
  • Campaign cadence
  • Measurement
The Results

During the 3-month recruiting pilot, the email campaign complemented the larger paid media strategy and together drove impressive results:

  • 100%
    The paid media and email campaign drove 100% of the forecasted hires.
  • 355%
    355% of the total forecasted leads were generated by our email and paid media efforts – exceeding the original goal.
  • 20.4%
    The email campaign saw a combined open rate of 20.4%, the targeted goal.

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