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We use data to make your emails work even harder.

Knowing what to share is as important as knowing when to share it. We craft data-driven email strategies that engage consumers with key content experiences.

We maximize email marketing success.

In the world of digital marketing, email is one of the oldest tactics out there. And when it comes to supporting consumers throughout their consumer journey, it’s also one of the most powerful – email uniquely puts key messages directly in front of your primary target audiences, giving them the incentives they need to stay engaged with your brand over time. So, whether it’s for a low-cost purchase or highly considered service, regular messaging that promotes your brand is a must.

It’s obvious that ongoing communication is key to driving both loyalty and repeat business from your most important customers. But there’s an extremely fine line between staying top of mind and overdoing it; between pushing timely promos and inundating consumers with sales content. Enter: a data-driven email strategy. By pairing performance data with insights from larger cross-channel strategies (onsite content, offline messaging, media targeting, and more), email can take on new life. And as we head into the cookie-less era this will be more important than ever before. Why? As third-party cookies are eliminated, email becomes a crucial venue to learn about your audience’s preferences.

We excel at creating email strategies that inform both overarching campaign construction – objective by audience, send frequency, time of day / day of week, campaign duration – and the content required to support each email – topics, themes, asset types, external links. We also work closely with clients to plot this on a detailed measurement and testing framework so we can isolate and learn from key variables, and engage in ongoing performance analysis to monitor progress to goals.

How we apply data-driven strategies to engage consumers via email:

The cornerstone of a successful email strategy is content. What content topics and themes should be featured? What asset types – infographics, short-form paragraphs, listicles, etc. – best answer user questions? Using datapoints from multiple sources, our experts will develop an actionable email content framework that will drive success for email campaigns.

True to form, we feel strongly that ongoing measurement and testing is a crucial component to building continued learnings and understanding what drives success. We build email measurement frameworks that clearly outline priority metrics, and testing plans that proactively inform future email iterations.

Using the email content framework as our guide, we can draft impactful email content or optimize existing copy to help clients more effectively engage with loyal audiences. We’ll also ensure that all content maps to larger content initiatives across your brands’ ecosystem.

Historical performance data is an incredibly powerful weapon – if you know what to look for. If you’re struggling with stagnant email performance or unsure how to identify which metrics matter most, we can help. Our experts will wade through your data to pinpoint meaningful insights and trends in performance. And then we’ll turn that into a story that can be elevated to marketing leaders.


Developed a robust email strategy and testing plan to reach niche B2B healthcare audience

Drove recruitment using targeted list of prospective employees to increase awareness, consideration, and applications

Created consumer-driven email + social strategy for Land O’Lakes

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