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We use data and insights to make your content count.

Consumers are hungry for content that immediately and effortlessly answers their questions. And this requires data. Thanks to our performance marketing core, this is exactly why we shine.

We specialize in performance-driven content marketing.

Content marketing and content strategy go hand-in-hand – content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant content, while content strategy is the plan behind it. This concept is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Creating content that your customers find useful, entertaining, and shareable requires deep audience insights and the right resources; optimizing content for your customers takes expertise and precision. This is where Collective Measures comes in. We help clients navigate the content journey from start to finish – from using data to identifying new opportunities, to incorporating them across channels, to engaging in successful content marketing.

Content relevance is one of today’s most important ranking factors.

For Google, ‘relevant content’ refers to how well the information in a brand’s ecosystem (website, YouTube, etc.) corresponds to the intent behind a given search query; the better the content matches a query, the more likely it is to rank well. This is what we use as our starting point for all things content. Once we understand the intricacies of our clients’ search landscape, we can anticipate what kind of content is needed, in what format, on which portion of a website, to rank for the appropriate terms. We’ll take what we know about an audience and their search behavior to inform specific content recommendations. And we’ll maintain this approach while engaging in ongoing content optimization and creation. The result? Increased organic search engine visibility, expanded brand awareness, and improved cross-channel content.

We help our clients grow share of voice and reach new audiences with the right content:

Whether by channel or across an entire ecosystem, our experts create customized content strategies rooted in data to drive engagement with key audiences. Using our knowledge of the search engine results page, user intent, and our clients’ specific business challenges, our content strategies not only fuel topic and content ideation but impressive results.

We make content strategies actionable by creating frameworks and distribution plans. Outlining content recommendations by content type, topic, desired length, and target audience, we ensure our clients can confidently build a successful stream of content.

An effective persona or mental model guides the understanding of core audiences and uncovers the opportunity to reach new audiences. But even more critically, it incorporates data and outlines what the audience is thinking, how they feel about a given decision or topic, and the subsequent action they take (what they do). By honing in on the “think, feel, and do” associated with each phase of the user journey, our personas become a powerful tool to guide messaging development, identify content gaps, and more.

A core input into any content marketing effort is understanding current strengths and opportunities of existing content. Not only does this help uncover expansion opportunities to build off of, but it also underscores the great content that already exists. Our audit + gap analysis leaves no stone unturned, and is a central input for our larger strategic initiatives.

Backed by deep search expertise and an innate understanding of consumer intent, we create content that helps consumers navigate through the purchasing journey. But we don’t just create new content – we also optimize existing content to help increase organic visibility.



Search Engine Land’s Landy Awards

Finalist, Best Content Marketing Program in Retail – Room & Board (2022)

Content Marketing Awards

Finalist, Best Use of Multichannel Social Media in Content Marketing – Land O’Lakes (2022)

Content Marketing Awards

Finalist, Best Content Marketing Program in Retail (2017)

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