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Leverage sophisticated analytics to tell a story and to solve tough marketing challenges.

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Data is everywhere, and marketing leaders across industries expect it to be incorporated into every recommendation they see, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To make this a reality, you need an approach to data and measurement that is sophisticated, scalable, innovative, and precise. And that’s exactly what we bring to the table. Collective Measures’ Universal Data Integration solution gives you a single view of all your marketing metrics — including those from media channels like Google and Facebook as well as secure FTPs from back-end systems — on one dashboard. And our proprietary pixel measures the impact of cross-channel digital influence on both online conversions and offline sales. So we can not only transform the way you optimize your media campaigns, but also how you understand your business.

  • Measurement strategy
  • Data visualization
  • Analytics platform implementation + audit
  • Call tracking implementation
  • Dashboard strategy + creation
  • Omni-channel reports
  • Multi-touch attribution model design
  • Data analysis + engineering


Informed correlation between video spend and branded search through Awareness Media Impact Report.
Informed attribution through propriety pixel technology.
Improved speed to insights through standard performance media report.

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