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We take performance analysis and data engineering to a new level.

Analytics is table stakes for an award-winning marketing agency. But with sophisticated data engineering, visualization capabilities, and proprietary technology, we use data to tell a story and answer our clients’ hardest questions.

Our marketing analytics and measurement approach sets us apart.

CMOs expect data to be incorporated into every aspect of a marketing plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To make this a reality, marketers need an approach to data and measurement that is sophisticated, scalable, innovative, and precise. And that’s exactly what Collective Measures brings to the table.

Our people bring data science to the next level.

We firmly believe that a strong analytics and measurement approach requires not only robust, accurate, and current data, but also a team of savvy and curious minds to mine the information. At Collective Measures, we maintain our excellence in analytics and measurement through a combination of Practix (our proprietary intelligence engine) and our in-house team of data engineers and analysts. From developing measurement strategies that guide media performance evaluation to delivering cross-channel reports with robust insights and implementing analytics platforms across multiple domains, we methodically help our clients mature their analytics practices.

In addition to Practix, our core measurement offerings include:

Customized for every client, our measurement strategies outline the specific KPIs and audience segments we’ll use to not only measure business objectives and marketing goals, but optimize our media against. The outcome of this exercise is not only the ability to accurately track campaign performance, but to ensure that all tactical elements align with your overarching business goals at the business unit level. It also forms the foundation of our ongoing reporting.

Experts within Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more, our team of data analysts and engineers can ensure your analytics platform configuration is strong and accurate. Whether auditing an existing implementation, helping you navigate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, or starting from scratch, our team will help ensure all valuable data points can be collected.

Practix facilitates countless platform integrations, including call center data from platforms like Invoca. This means we can seamlessly leverage call center data not only as part of reporting, but also for media optimizations. With deep experience connecting call tracking technology to media platforms, we know how to leverage this technology to fuel more precise media optimizations. One example? Thanks to Practix and our team of media experts, we have the ability to differentiate between customer and prospect calls, which provides an additional layer of insight into the consumer journey.

Given the number of disparate data sets needed to analyze performance, we help clients gain a unified view of their marketing efforts in one place. Powered by Practix, our dashboards enable our clients to review performance metrics at their convenience. Whether integrating media platform data or requiring a custom data integration, our dashboards empower our clients to make smarter, faster business decisions.


Our reporting deliverables go beyond simply ‘reporting the weather’. We not only outline performance metrics, but bring forward meaningful insights that drive our clients’ businesses forward. Our omni-channel reports allow our clients to view cross-channel digital influence on both online conversions and offline sales in a unified view, but also gain insight into consumer behavior, the competitive landscape, and more based on the insights uncovered by our experts.



Practix unlocks advanced analytics capabilities

Our proprietary intelligence engine, Practix, enables marketers to view and leverage data in a whole new way. Built by Collective Measures’ team of in-house data engineers and analysts, Practix’ suite of capabilities support a variety of analytics and measurement needs from cross-channel reporting to customer journey analytics and more. Paired with our subject matter experts across paid and organic media, Practix can unlock an entirely new level of sophistication for your brands’ marketing efforts.


Collective Measures’ Practix named Business Intelligence’s 2022 Product of the Year

After implementing call tracking, we proved the effectiveness of call traffic generated by offline media, which would have gone unaccounted for or been credited as a generic website call

Successful integration of in-store data with other first-party data through advanced reporting enabled insight into audiences who interacted with digital ads and made either online or in-store purchases

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