Heather Rist Murphy

Vice President, Brand + Consumer Engagement

“I love helping clients figure out how to connect to their audiences by telling the right story with data almost as much as I like attending a traditional family luau on or off the Hawaiian islands.”

About Heather

Data and content storyteller, ringleader, user empathist, and expert baby swaddler.

Specializes in:
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Communications
  • SEO
  • Experience optimization
  • Marketing strategy

With proven strategic leadership and an unmatched ability to integrate content with performance data, Heather Rist Murphy leads the agency’s content marketing, SEO, social media, communications and experience optimization teams. Heather was the visionary behind the agency’s newest service offering: brand performance communications. Heather is known for delivering strong results to clients by finding smarter, more efficient ways to combine digital data and content to align more closely to consumers’ needs. Prior to Collective Measures, Heather led social media, content and communications at the brand enterprise level for Deluxe and managed communications and social media initiatives at Cambria and Sun Country Airlines.

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Heather Rist Murphy

Vice President, Brand + Consumer Engagement

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