Case Study

Paid Search Drives Online Sales for TRX Training

TRX Training (TRX) creates suspension training equipment that are compact and lightweight, making it easy to work out anywhere. As TRX has grown in popularity, competition continues to appear from all angles. The reason? TRX products are not only available for sale on its own website, but also through resellers like Amazon. In order to maximize profit and take full control of the consumer experience, TRX needed to break through the clutter and drive incremental sales on their own website.
INDUSTRY: eCommerce
SERVICE: Paid Search

The Challenge

Cut through the clutter and tighten the overall digital marketing strategy

To address a diverse online shopping landscape, TRX needed to ensure its digital marketing strategy aligned with and propelled the overall retail segmentation strategy. To remain competitive and drive online sales, TRX turned to search engine marketing (SEM). The goal was two-fold: drive purchase-ready consumers to their website, and capture higher-funnel consumers looking to improve their fitness and learn more about the products. To revamp their underperforming legacy SEM campaigns, TRX partnered with Collective Measures.  

The Solution

We developed a methodical approach to execute the SEM strategy 

To create and execute an SEM strategy that would both drive sales and position TRX’s products as the go-to workout for all body types, fitness levels, and varying workout needs, a methodical approach was deployed. Ultimately, TRX was able to market their products profitably in a cluttered digital shopping space while being mindful of their retail partners. The paid search and shopping restructures were centered on the following core components:


  • Fully maximizing SEM capabilities (promo call-out, sitelinks, etc.) to drive performance
  • Optimizing toward top performers and priority conversions
  • Prioritizing the consumer’s intent and specific product needs
  • Geo-targeting different international regional audiences to ensure relevancy
  • Testing into new audience segments


The Results

Nearly $1.5 M generated in revenue after just 6 months

In just 6 months, paid search became TRX’s top revenue-driving channel. And despite a decrease in spend, TRX enjoyed incredible success:

  • 25% increase in paid search revenue year over year
  • 77% increase in ROAS year over year
  • 318% return on ad spend during the time period
  • 450% return on ad spend during key seasonality
  • 10% increase in average order value
  • $175 average order value from paid search
  • Revenue generated: ~$1.5M

Image Source: Unsplash


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