Data-Driven Linear Campaign Drives Impressive Reach

In a world turned upside down by the global pandemic, Deluxe Corporation, a technology solutions partner for small businesses, and their hit series, Small Business Revolution, a show that highlights transformations of small businesses with Deluxe’s solutions, were faced with challenges that required out-of-the-box thinking to reach its target audiences.

The Challenge

Reaching Small Business Revolution’s (SBR) key audiences in a crowded television landscape

Revolutionizing success to break through the clutter

To propel success for season five of its hit series, Small Business Revolution (SBR), Deluxe Corporation (Deluxe) tapped Collective Measures to create an effective media plan that would drive both awareness and episode views. But, with the COVID-19 and the presidential election, innovative thinking was crucial to get in front of audiences. With these challenges in mind, we recommended testing a new approach to the campaign’s awareness media tactics.

The solution

Tapping into consumer insights, we tested data-driven linear.

For the past few seasons of the Small Business Revolution, Collective Measures had invested in local, linear television campaigns to fuel awareness in priority markets. And although campaigns had always performed well, it was difficult to fully quantify this success given the challenges associated with measuring traditional linear television. This traditional buying approach was also expensive and limited Deluxe’s reach.


Using these insights, Collective Measures recommended changing up the buying strategy for television in season five, embracing new benefits of advanced TV: data-driven linear (DDL). 

Why DDL?

  • A smarter buy: DDL informs the buy based on what networks, channels, and dayparts index highly for a more precise audience. This allowed Deluxe to find opportunities that indexed highly for small-business owners.
  • Reaching both desired audiences: DDL allowed us to target two very different audiences — small-business owners and entertainment seekers — driving millions of impressions incredibly efficiently.
  • On-site attribution: Unlike traditional television buying, DDL correlates spikes in site traffic with television spots airing at the same time, demonstrating the impact on awareness and general interest in the series.
The results

Running for just over a month, Deluxe was able to achieve massive reach on a national basis via television for the first time ever as a result of the DDL test.

  • 35+
    Ads ran on over 35 channels, including large networks like Food Network, HGTV, TLC, and Discovery, which drastically improved the reach compared to previous linear television buys.
  • 69,273,440
    DDL drastically improved reach compared to previous linear campaigns, driving over 69 million impressions.
  • 23MM
    Campaigns delivered 23 million impressions to the more specific targeted audience of small-business owners, or those who watch small-business-focused shows.
  • 13,992
    CM was able to attribute 13,992 visits to the SBR site to the television ad.

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