Tools & Managed Services: The Best Approach to Measurement

Mike Baranowski
May 20, 2022
Utilizing your data in the most impactful way can be a daunting process. Bringing out the imperative insights you are needing requires a lot of work. Practix offers you a simple solution to get the most out of your data

Tools & Managed Services: The Best Approach to Measurement

In today’s day and age, marketers collect massive amounts of data to inform their marketing efforts. But sometimes more is not more when it can’t be leveraged to drive the business forward. Diving into marketing data can offer many insights to drive recommendations. However, this process can become extremely complicated with the vast number of tools and differing reporting and data processing approaches. When not viewed in a unified view, this data review process is slowing down marketers’ ability to not only mature analytics, but also effectively use the data.


Having a single view of data  allows marketers to uncover valuable insights to drive better business decisions faster. Practix, Collective Measures’ proprietary intelligence engine, simplifies the process to present the most imperative insights you need to drive success in your business. But the best part? Practix isn’t just a tool. Rather, it gives you the best of both worlds — best-in-class technology coupled with mature data and media experts that are an extension of your team, all so you can make faster, smarter, and more informed business decisions.


Maturing marketing analytics

Maturing marketing analytics is the process of getting the most out of marketers’ data. It includes utilizing the data in every way possible to garner insights and allow marketers to make informed decisions. There is an ever-growing number of marketing tools available that help marketers navigate available data. But buying every marketing tool available only gets marketers so far in their analytics maturity journey. Why? Because having many tools makes you lose the key insights discovered. By having a single view of data, marketers are able to uncover more meaningful insights.


Practix pushes marketers into the future by bringing all datasets together. It has the ability to connect to hundreds of data sources, including the most popular advertising, analytics, SEO, and CRM platforms to create a single view of data. But it doesn’t stop there. Our team of data engineers and marketing analytics and media experts who understand the marketing landscape dive into the data and make it actionable. What does this mean? Not only can Practix help marketers gain a single view of their data, but when complemented by our team of subject matter experts, Collective Measures can bring forward innovative insights on the data. Insights that help marketers make more informed decisions that lead to more successful outcomes.



Extension of your team

Once marketers are able to access all available data, someone must now dive into the metrics and reports to understand how this data can be utilized. What is this? Now it’s another task on your team’s list. But increasing headcount so you have the bandwidth to analyze and pull updated reports based on all the data available is not always the answer. The solution? Finding the right partner to help marketing teams use the data effectively. Enter Collective Measures.


Collective Measures’ data engineers, analysts, and media experts partner as an extension of each of our client’s team. We dive into our client’s businesses to understand how data align with each of their respective industries. Analysts partner with our integrated media team to bring a holistic view to the performance of all media. A cross-channel strategy takes a step back to look not only at how each channel is performing, but also how overall KPIs are performing as media is optimized. Having both an analyst and media expert on our teams provides checks and balances so that the entire team understands performance and is never siloed to only look at how individual channels are performing. It is our goal to understand each of our client’s businesses, help mature their analytics capabilities, and ultimately, optimize against these learnings to be as efficient with each of their media investments as possible


Why Collective Measures?

We firmly believe that a strong analytics and measurement approach requires not only robust, accurate, and current data, but also a team of savvy and curious minds to mine the information. At Collective Measures, we maintain our excellence in analytics and measurement through a combination of Practix (our intelligence engine) and our in-house team of data engineers and analysts. We are dedicated to helping solve our clients’ most difficult analytics challenges and continue to evolve our capabilities to keep pace with larger changes happening across the marketing landscape.

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