A Single View of Data for an Unrivaled Customer Journey

Bill Roehl
May 17, 2022
A single view of your marketing data allows you to make more informed marketing decisions.

A Single View of Data for an Unrivaled Customer Journey

To understand the full consumer journey, it is important to dive into each step your customer takes. However, it is hard to do that when the data are coming from disparate sources. For example, to understand the complete picture of a user from when they interacted with an ad to when they completed a purchase requires pulling together data from ad platforms, analytics platforms, CRM platforms, email platforms, and more to get the full picture. With all of these data sources, it creates more of a headache than a solution.


Every step of the consumer journey is connected to the last. Combining disparate data sources using marketing technology to create a single viewpoint of your target consumer provides the most accurate, up-to-date information for your company. There are many benefits marketers can expect when a single view of data is established. For example, being able to pull data from one collected area to create different views provides the endless opportunity to gain deeper insight on specific pieces of marketing. Additional benefits marketers can expect when they are able to leverage a single view of marketing data and how Collective Measures can help are below.


Benefits of a single view of marketing data

The benefits from having a single view of marketing data are far reaching. For example, marketers can investigate deeper insights that will ultimately lead to more impactful decisions. Here are three other benefits marketers can expect:


  1. Deliver more personalized experiences | With a single view of data, marketers are able to deliver a personalized shopping experience for customers. How? Marketers are able to review a snapshot of the key moments that matter to the customer. Whether it’s reaching a user during their search or a personalized ad, marketers are able to understand what is important to their target audience and exceed their expectations in those moments. This opens the door to tailoring the experience to exactly what the target audience wants. This personalized experience will make customers feel connected to the brand and drive loyalty.
  2. Deliver stronger customer service | A single view of marketing data can help propel customer loyalty by empowering marketers to deliver stronger customer service experiences. For example, having a centralized view of customer marketing data can shed light on pain points in the customer journey, illuminating opportunities to improve the experience. With marketing and customer data in a single view, marketers can then proactively address customer needs before it’s reflected in your business’s bottom line.
  3. Remove internal data discrepancies | When internal teams are able to review the same information at the same time, discrepancies will be limited. This allows for teams to make faster and smarter business decisions because time is not wasted mining disparate data sources to derive insights to move the business forward.


To start reaping these benefits, marketers need to start having conversations on how to fully leverage data as an asset in the decision-making and execution process. There are plenty of opportunities to use an organization’s own data to drive better optimizations that may have been missed. But where does one start? Enter Collective Measures’ proprietary intelligence engine, Practix.


How Collective Measures can help

Practix pushes marketers into the future by bringing all datasets together. It has the ability to connect to hundreds of data sources, including the most popular advertising, analytics, SEO, and CRM platforms to create a single view of data. But it doesn’t stop there. Our team of data engineers and marketing analytics and media experts who understand the marketing landscape dive into the data and make it actionable. What does this mean? Not only can Practix help marketers gain a single view of their data, but when complemented by our team of subject matter experts, Collective Measures can bring forward innovative insights about the data. Insights that help marketers make more informed decisions that lead to more successful outcomes.


In addition to simply creating a unified view of marketing data, Practix also has the ability to create a closed-loop approach to our media execution. Through Practix’s closed-loop media activation capabilities, Collective Measures can connect data like call-tracking metrics and product margin directly for media platforms and optimize against it. Data like these are notoriously difficult to account for in media optimizations because they’re not native to the platform. But we’ve found a way to operationalize it, giving our clients a new competitive edge. For example, with access to a client’s CRM data, we can not only learn more about how core audience segments interact with digital media, but we can also build new ways to target your customers by segmenting data within your CRM.


Practix’s closed-loop media execution capabilities allow our teams of media experts to optimize media with conversion signals not typically available to the platforms. And when coupled with a unified view of marketing data, the opportunities are endless.

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