Our 2023 Commitment To Change

We made our initial Commitment to Change in 2020, heeding the call for transparency and transformation in the face of racial disparity and inequity within our industry. Now, four years later, we remain steadfast in our commitment to continue doing this work. While we’ve made some progress, we also recognize the need to hold ourselves and our agency accountable for our shortcomings; for the occasional situations where our actions were less than impactful when it came to proving our commitment.

We provide this annual statement to our employee owners, clients, colleagues in the marketing community, and to the wider communities in which we live and work. We acknowledge the need for additional action and determined effort, and we renew our resolve to do so. This is our 2023 Commitment to Change.

Let’s break down the data

As of 6/20/23



Entire Agency

  • 91% White
  • 3% Asian
  • 1% Native American
  • 3% Multi-Ethnic
  • 2% African American or Black

Director-Level Employees

  • 96% White
  • 0% Asian
  • 0% Native
  • 4% Multi-Ethnic
  • 0% African American or Black

Leadership-VP & Above

  • 100% White
  • 0% Asian
  • 0% Native
  • 0% Multi-Ethnic
  • 0% African American or Black


Entire Agency

  • 60% Female Identifying
  • 40% Male Identifying

Director Level Employees

  • 62% Female Identifying
  • 38% Male Identifying

Leadership-VP & Above

  • 66% Female Identifying
  • 34% Male Identifying

Reflection on our 2022 progress

  • While there is significant work still to be done, our diversity data is trending in a positive direction. Our staff is currently 9% BIPOC and we have hired our most diverse intern class to date. We’re also a certified woman-owned business, with 60% of our staff identifying as female.
  • As part of our continued commitment to DEI training and discussions, we held a series of formal, agency-wide staff training sessions with the Penumbra Center for Racial Healing.
  • We maintained informal staff meetings and discussion via Collective Allies, our internal discussion group, including hosting external guest speakers, discussion groups, and selected readings. And we’re continuing to evolve this group to meet the needs and requests of our teams. 
  • We’ve devoted ongoing time and attention to highlighting important cultural moments within the walls of CM. This includes encouraging active employee participation in cultural activities and sharing resources / recommendations for related literature, performing arts, and dining experiences in our community.
  • Within our work, we prioritized staff collaboration and provision of pro bono services to a variety of Twin Cities-based organizations, including the Penumbra Theater and Center for Racial Healing. We also provided digital marketing-related educational opportunities to students involved with MIGIZI, a Native American non-profit organization based in Minneapolis that nurtures the educational, social, economic, and cultural development of American Indian youth. 
  • We’ve continued to lend financial support to organizations doing critical work in the DE&I space. This includes honoring our multi-year commitment to The BrandLab, as well as making donations to both Black Girls Code and the Twin Cities PRIDE Rainbow Run. 
  • In alignment with our 2022 commitments, we’ve consciously expanded our use of a network of vendors that are BIPOC-owned.

Our next steps:

In addition to honoring – and continuing to uphold and work against – the commitments Collective Measures has made to date, we’ll place increased emphasis on the following elements in the coming year.

Our previous commitments to change.

We are on a journey to becoming a more inclusive place to work for all people. As we look back at previous years, it’s important to do so with a critical eye, evaluating what worked, what didn’t and what learnings can be brought forward to inform our future commitments.