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Forbes Agency Council: How To Integrate Paid And Organic Content: 15 Best Tips

October 08, 2020

As a member of the exclusive Forbes Agency Council, Collective Measures CEO Donna Robinson shares her expert opinion on the top digital trends. Read her latest feature below.

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How To Integrate Paid And Organic Content: 15 Best Tips

By Donna Robinson / October 8, 2020

Paid content is beneficial since it helps direct people to your product. Organic content, however, tends to bring people who are more likely to buy. Most businesses today utilize both types of content to drive their marketing.

However, finding the balance between these types of content may take some time. Depending on industry, there are several factors that can help to make paid and organic content work well together. Here, 15 associates of Forbes Agency Council offer valuable advice on the best ways a company can integrate its organic and paid marketing campaigns into a complete engine.

10. Utilize Dynamic Search Ads

Utilize dynamic search ads. This campaign type allows you to target URLs rather than keywords. Once your campaign is running, you can review the search terms your campaign triggers for to understand what Google thinks your website is about. Then, you can make updates to organic content by leveraging the insights and results from your paid campaign. – Donna Robinson, Collective Measures

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