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Forbes Agency Council: How To Counter Negative Publicity About Internal Company Issues

March 07, 2022

As a member of the exclusive Forbes Agency Council, Collective Measures CEO Donna Robinson shares her expert opinion on the top digital trends. Read her latest feature below.

How To Counter Negative Publicity About Internal Company Issues

By Donna Robinson / March 7, 2022

Thanks to the speed at which news of internal problems at a company can spread on social media and create a public relations nightmare for the business, crisis management skills are in high demand today among PR professionals. When issues occurring inside an organization make their way into the public eye, the negative reaction of consumers can have a devastating effect on the brand’s bottom line.

To maintain their reputations when employee grievances or other internal issues are aired publicly, smart companies have a well-trained team or agency partners on standby who can effectively implement crisis management tactics. Here, members of Forbes Agency Council share tips for countering potential damage to brand reputation and revenues when a less-than-ideal narrative about a company escapes its walls and goes viral on social media.

13. Tell Your Side Of The Story With A Paid Search Strategy

Counter negative publicity by creating honest and authentic content that tells your side of the story. Then leverage paid search to put that message at the top of the search results for relevant brand queries. This will allow you to serve that content to concerned consumers actively searching for information without unnecessarily alerting the general public. – Donna Robinson, Collective Measures

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