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Forbes Agency Council: 15 Business Functions Where Artificial Intelligence Can Assist Agencies

June 14, 2022

As a member of the exclusive Forbes Agency Council, Collective Measures CEO Donna Robinson shares her expert opinion on the top digital trends. Read her latest feature below.

15 Business Functions Where Artificial Intelligence Can Assist Agencies

By Donna Robinson / June 14, 2022

Businesses across industries are actively seeking innovative ways to leverage artificial intelligence. As creative powerhouses, agencies are naturally finding some of the most unique and effective methods of using AI technologies and tools to enhance their operations.

Some of the ways agencies are applying AI today focus on managing everyday, routine tasks, while others are more forward-thinking, driving outside-the-box ideas and strategies. Below, 15 members of Forbes Agency Council explore different business functions where AI can assist agencies in achieving their long-term organizational goals and developing new capabilities.

14. Sustaining Conversion Volume For Direct Response Media

Artificial intelligence is a perfect fit for direct response media such as paid search and social media. As audience data disappears and targeting on Facebook and Google becomes less refined, leveraging platforms’ AI tools to focus on generating conversions is a great way to sustain conversion volume. – Donna Robinson, Collective Measures

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