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Forbes Agency Council: 14 Ways To Leverage AI To Better Connect With Customers

January 13, 2022

As a member of the exclusive Forbes Agency Council, Collective Measures CEO Donna Robinson shares her expert opinion on the top digital trends. Read her latest feature below.

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14 Ways To Leverage AI To Better Connect With Customers

By Donna Robinson / January 13, 2022

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of conversation among agency leaders for some time now, and mass adoption of AI as a valuable marketing tool is already well underway. While brands come up with innovative ways to use AI to meet their strategic business, marketing and sales goals every year, they also learn a lot through trial and error in the process.

In 2022, marketers will no doubt find more unique ways to incorporate AI into their operations to enhance campaigns while boosting the effectiveness of data analysis and the accuracy of reporting. Here, 14 members of Forbes Agency Council share smart ways for marketers to leverage AI this year to better connect with customers.

9. Monitor How AI Bias Might Be Impacting Results

The ad industry has found that AI tends to develop unintended bias, with research showing that AI often delivers ads more prominently to men and wealthy consumers while excluding minority groups. Marketers should pay attention to industry news and monitor how AI bias may be impacting performance, optimizations and targeting and then refine their campaigns accordingly. – Donna Robinson, Collective Measures

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