Advertising Week: Digital’s White Whale: Marketing on Reddit

October 04, 2021

While marketing on Reddit can appear to be a strenuous tactic, there are ways to do it right. Through understanding the audience and organization of Reddit, marketing on Reddit can lead to success.

Digital’s White Whale: Marketing on Reddit

By Katie Tweedy / Supervisor of Content Marketing + Content Strategy

Advertising Week/ October 4, 2021

Reddit is infamous for being a marketing graveyard. It is full of buried links from entrepreneurs and marketers that just didn’t “get it.” So how do you “get it” and avoid falling into the trap? It’s all about cultivating relationships, providing value, and being an engaged member of the communities.

With over 52 million daily users (WSJ), Reddit’s advertising potential is tantalizing. Unlike other channels, Reddit offers cheap, low-funnel traffic with a highly engaged audience and wildly specific targeting, all thanks to groups called subreddits.

Reddit content is organized into subreddits, which are standalone communities dedicated to a particular topic, much like special interest clubs. Just how special interest are we talking about? Well, by the end of 2020, there were over 2.5 million subreddits (Metrics for Reddit). For marketers, this makes micro-targeting easier than ever before. The leads qualify themselves by organizing into subreddits for you.

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