Search Engine Journal: Can Pro-Privacy Search Engines Replace Google?

November 01, 2021

Digital privacy is increasingly important, making non-Google, privacy-focused search engines more viable. Here's why it matters to marketers.

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Can Pro-Privacy Search Engines Replace Google?

By Heather Murphy / Vice President of Performance Content and Social Media

Search Engine Journal / November 1, 2021

Consumers of all ages and demographics are becoming increasingly aware of their growing dependence on technology – in many cases at the expense of their privacy.

According to Pew Research Center, 80% of Americans think the potential risks of personal data collection by companies outweigh the benefits and 79% of adults are very or somewhat concerned about how companies are using that data.

As a result, privacy-as-a-service (PaaS) is something that consumers are increasingly viewing less as a bonus and more as a necessity.

Non-Google search engines are feeding user desires for something in shortage today – digital privacy. Search engines offer an essential service, but while free monetarily, they are certainly not free of cost.

That cost is a certain level of intrusion into the lives of users as technology companies (namely Google) gather data about online habits and use that data to optimize their marketing efforts.

The privacy search frontrunner is DuckDuckGo, but a new privacy-focused rival to Google was recently launched – Brave.

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