What’s it like to be an employee-owner?

October 07, 2022

Collective Measures
Collective Measures is an employee-owned company. What does that mean? Well, it means a whole lot to our employees and the agency.

What’s it like to be an employee-owner?

October is Employee Ownership Month! As a 100% employee-owned company, Collective Measures couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. To underscore just how awesome it is to be part of an employee-owned organization, here is what a few of our employees have to say:


“The ESOP is what made me want to come back after my first internship. When I talked to my friends about their internships, their experience didn’t compare anywhere near mine. There was continuous learning, weekly owners’ meeting celebrating each other, and it makes me smarter every day. It made coming back a no-brainer — it was where I wanted to start my career.” — Alex Ostermann, Account Manager

“Being part of an ESOP makes you feel like you have a stake in the company, how it progresses, where it’s going. You’re more a part of everything. This is so different from other companies where leadership sits above you.” — Theresa Swiggum​, Media Director

“Our company’s financial success and the value of our shares are tied together. It gives Collective Measures a different vibe than other agencies I’ve worked at. We’re more connected to each other’s success.” — Nick Blissenbach, Media Director 

“For me, it comes down to having a sense of ownership in an enterprise I’m helping build.” — Chris Veenstra, Data Engineering Manager

“Being part of an ESOP means truly having a stake in the work that the company is doing. All employee-owners want to do their best work and to see the company succeed because we benefit from all working together as one big team.” — Lauren Schmitz, Project Manager

What marketers need to know

Collective Measures is more than a marketing agency. Within the walls of the agency are employee-owners driving impactful change for the agency, clients, and the industry at large. What motivates them to keep pushing the boundaries of success? As employee-owners, their collective efforts produce collective rewards.