Twitter Update: Introducing #Stickers

July 01, 2016

Collective Measures
This week Twitter announced another addition to their suite of photo editing features called #Stickers. Read more at the agency blog.

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This week Twitter announced another addition to their suite of photo editing features. Similar to stickers on Snapchat, the new Twitter #Stickers allow users to enhance photos with colorful emoji-like images ranging from food, faces, animals, plants, and more.

The addition of #Stickers should appeal to a younger demographic – like Generation Z – which tends to shift away from older social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, favoring emoji-heavy apps like Snapchat and Instagram. A recent study conducted by eMarketer stated that there are 6 billion emojis and stickers shared in messaging apps per day, and Gen Z largely contributes to that number.

Not only do #Stickers add a personal flare to photos, they make photos searchable, bringing a new visual element to hashtags. If users tap on a #Sticker in a photo, it will take them to a timeline with a stream of photos featuring the same #Stickers. This presents users with the opportunity to join different conversations and boost discoverability.

What Marketers Need to Know

Before stacking an image with #Stickers, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Do #Stickers fit with your brand? If not, they could devalue the perception of your social presence.
  • What type of photos appear in the #Sticker feeds? For instance, the eggplant emoji has a negative connotation and could feature a stream of images you don’t want affiliated with your brand.

#Stickers will be rolling out to Twitter users for iOS and Android over the next few weeks.


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