The Importance of Content Calendars

October 11, 2012

Collective Measures
Content calendars can be a critical part of content marketing success. Learn more about content calendars and what they can do for you.

As we dive deeper into content marketing here at Collective Measures, the importance of content calendars becomes even clearer: they can be a critical part of our content marketing plan for clients. For those who are unaware of what a content calendar may be, it is simply a way to take a deeper look at a full year, be it fiscal or calendar, with keeping an eye on events going on in your specific industry. For many clients this may include:  holidays, seasonal changes, relevant national events, known product releases, yearly company events, etc.

After taking a look into events related to our client throughout the year, we pair important keywords to match those events. The content calendar also maps important keywords by seasonality. For example, if turkey keywords peak in November, turkey keywords would become a focus for the month of November.

Turkey Recipes Content Calendar

When it comes to content, the abundance of information and people pulling content can get messy. Content calendars are a great way to keep all that data organized.  It also keeps multiple parties on the same track (bloggers, PR, your friendly SEO agency, etc). Content calendars can be a great way to track and make sure that all keywords are being utilized effectively, and if they aren’t, you have the calendar to thank for putting you on a better path to keyword success.

Another great aspect of content calendars is that they plan ahead for you when it comes to content creation. Instead of having to worry about what to write every month, the calendar can provide a content outline for you. The calendar can be an invaluable resource that allows the entire team to work towards unified goals and be prepared for what is to come in the following months.

While content calendars do provide an effective way to organize regularly occurring information, it is important to leave some room for topical content as well. After all, you can’t plan out every single detail in a year!

Organized information, keyword planning, content ideas –how could you not love a content calendar? They do so much work for you!