Sarah Petit celebrates ten years at Collective Measures

August 16, 2023

Collective Measures
Sarah Petit, Senior Director of Growth Operations, is celebrating ten years with Collective Measures. Throughout this time, she has left an impressive mark.

Sarah Petit celebrates ten years at Collective Measures

In 2013, Sarah Petit joined Collective Measures as a project management intern. Now, ten years later, she is the Senior Director of Growth Operations and a member of the agency’s leadership team, responsible for overseeing new business, agency marketing, and the project management team. Throughout her tenure, she delivered impressive revenue growth, developed an impactful agency marketing strategy (including leading the Collective Measures rebrand in 2020), and engineered processes that helped the agency transition from a 30-person boutique agency into a 100+ person powerhouse. Internally, Sarah’s known for her creative problem solving, detail-oriented nature, and impressive typing speed.

To celebrate a decade of Sarah, we sat down with her to reminisce about her tenure at Collective Measures.  


Q: What made you decide to apply to Collective Measures ten years ago? 

A: I was living in Denver and wanted to move back home to Minneapolis. I was very interested in agency life and began searching for a position to bring me back to the city I loved. I stumbled upon Collective Measures (previously Nina Hale) and immediately felt excited. It was a small agency that had a project management role available, a strong focus on collaboration, and even back then, was a women-owned agency. I immediately applied and actually interviewed remotely, which was so uncommon pre-pandemic. I got the job, moved home, and started two days later. 

Q: Tell us about your first day. 

A: This is a day I vividly remember. I nervously walked to the doors of the office and they were locked. I didn’t have my pass yet, so I stood there unsure what to do. Then, from behind me, I heard a voice — Nina Hale, founder and CEO, walked around the corner, realized she was also locked out, and began pounding on the door. Someone finally let us in and she walked in shouting around the office “Sarah’s here!” At the time, it made me blush, but now it makes me smile thinking about how the CEO was the person who happily announced the arrival of the newest intern. And I’ll never forget it!  

Q: How has agency new business, or our approach to it, changed over the years?

A: Our strategies — and the sophistication with which we deliver them — have evolved enormously, which keeps me on my toes and ensures that we always deliver impressive solutions for our clients. But, at the core, the way we approach new business is still the same: we are powered by business karma and a commitment to genuinely helping clients solve business problems. Every pitch begins with the same question — “what are the prospect’s needs and how do we meet them?” — not “what do we need to sell?” This kind of authenticity makes my job so rewarding. 

Q: What is your greatest achievement during your time at Collective Measures?

A: The project to rebrand the agency from Nina Hale to Collective Measures. The opportunity to lead the rebrand was brought to me on my first day back from maternity leave, so in a crazy way, the CM brand truly feels like my second child. It was an enormous project with really high stakes, but it was a total joy to work on. I’m so proud of what we developed because it’s such an authentic representation of who we are. Now, three years later, from how we position ourselves to the swag we order, I still love seeing Collective Measures represented in every deliverable and expression of the agency. 

Q: What do you envision the next ten years at Collective Measures looking like? 

A: We’ve grown and evolved so much over the last ten years, and yet I feel like there’s still so much ahead of us. That’s the best part about working at a growth-minded agency: I have no idea exactly what the CM of 2033 will look like, but I’m confident that we’ll continue to evolve alongside the marketing landscape, growing our teams, service offerings, and capabilities to drive success for clients.

Thank you, Sarah! We are honored to have you as part of our collective.