Ryan Gosling on SEO Terms

May 17, 2012

Collective Measures
Ryan Gosling is so hot right now. Making learning SEO terms fun with the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" SEO tumblr images.

Ryan Gosling is so hot right now. Not only is he the number one pinned man on Pinterest, his face has also launched a thousand tumblrs. Users have taken images of Ryan Gosling and overlaid text, starting with “Hey girl,” followed by some job-related compliment. The “Hey Girl” phenomenon has left no profession untouched, including the world of SEO. Sit back, relax, and get ready for Ryan to compliment you in a fully optimized style.

Hey girl,

I wish I could find the words to describe your beauty but every time I open my mouth it’s keyword (not provided).

Keyword (not provided) refers to Google’s user protection. When a searcher is logged into their Google account, Google reports their queries in Analytics as (not provided) to protect the user’s search history (and to annoy SEOs everywhere).

 Hey girl,

Your eyes are like a 301 redirect loop, I could get lost in them forever.

The 301 redirect means that a site has permanently moved; however, when not implemented correctly the code can send a user (or a search engine crawler) into an infinite loop.

 Hey Girl,

Panda can’t touch you, ‘cuz you’re all high-quality content.

The Google Panda update targets over-optimized sites, meaning sites that have tried to “game the system” with black hat techniques like buying bulk links and keyword stuffing page content. Therefore, good quality sites that avoid these unsavory tactics will continue to rank well.

 Hey Girl,

You stand out in my mind like a rich snippet.

Rich snippets can refer to many different things, but basically they’re content that provides more information about the page or business and, in the process, make the search result stand out.  Author images next to an article or ingredients under a recipe are examples of rich snippets.

Thanks for joining us on our mini SEO term lesson. For more Ryan Gosling SEO, check out the tumblr. And don’t worry – they’ve provided a handy link under each image if you don’t understand the compliment.