Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards for Your SEO

Tami McBrady
February 13, 2014
We've collected the best nerdy Valentine's Day Cards to woo your true geek love.

Google Love - SEO Valentines

Does your love speak in binary? Spend all day on Facebook or worrying about 302 redirects? If you answered yes, don’t worry! We have the perfect nerdy Valentine’s Day cards for your geeky love!

Tell the Facebook addict in your life just how much they mean to you with this card by Pickle Dog Design:

I Like You. Note Card -- (Valentine Card, Funny Card, Humorous, Geeky, Wedding, Friend, Facebook, Simple, Brown Kraft Paper, Blue Envelope)

Able And Game sure knows romance. Giving up super fast internet? That’s true love!

Have a special someone who just gets you? Then Pop and Shorty‘s Valentine is for you!


Showcase just how awesome you think your Valentine is with this heartfelt Valentine from Paperwheel.

Ryan Newport from Ravenshoe Group wrote up a few totally adorable SEO-specific Valentines.

Cut it out Ryan, you’re making me blush!

Get straight to the point computer-style with Darkroom & Dearly.

Funny, Geeky Valentine's Day card. You turn me on - Xbox I love you card

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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