Minnesota State Fair: Searches On a Stick

Collective Measures
August 28, 2013
Last Friday, the NHI team had our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair. For some themed search fun, enjoy a handful of Searches on a Stick.

Minnesota State Fair

For the fourth year in a row, the NHI team went to the Minnesota State Fair and enjoyed an assortment of foods on a stick, good company, and our annual trip down the Giant Slide. The Great Minnesota Get Together brings all sorts of people together in one place, bound by a love of Sweet Martha’s cookies, great music, wacky foods, and some of the best people watching you’ll find. To honor this most excellent Minnesotan tradition, we’ve gathered some of the top Searches on a Stick for your enjoyment. 

Some favorite ‘Foods on a Stick’ searches:

  • Potato on a stick
    • Seriously, people love potatoes on a stick. They search for it fried, deep fried, spiraled, and more. Potatoes on a stick – they’re huge.
  • Pork chop on a stick
    • Another favorite, this food is often searched as “Minnesota pork chop on a stick.” Apparently it’s a Land of 10,000 Lakes thing?
  • Deep fried bacon cheddar mashed potatoes on a stick
    • While technically this could fit under the the potatoes on a stick category, let’s take a minute to wonder at this. That’s a lot going on. 
  • While not on a stick, or even technically a search, one of our own ate and enjoyed these sausage-stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos.
    • Those tentacley looking things below? Yeah. He ate them.



  • Fiction on a stick
    • An anthology of short stories by Minnesotan writers and sadly, not a new kind of food.
  • Money on a stick
    • How did we all miss this stand?!
  • Deep fried spiral apple on a stick
    • It’s an apple so that means it’s healthy, right? Right?!
  • How many foods on a stick at Minnesota state fair?
    • According to Clara James from Minneapolis About, there are 66 vendors selling foods on a stick. However, please feel free to go to the State Fair and report back your count!
  • Favorite foods on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair

Feel free to weigh in on the last one! I love Axle’s breakfast lollipop, sausage deep fried in pancake batter served with maple syrup. Be sure to get your favorite food on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair before it closes this weekend. We’ll be dreaming about our culinary delights until next year!


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