Location Extension Bid Adjustments

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October 9, 2013
Learn how location extension bid adjustments can help you capture the customers nearest you!

Location Extension Bid Adjustments

A unique benefit of Enhanced Campaigns has been its ability to use bid adjustments to modify your bid based on device, ad schedule and location. For locations, you can increase or decrease your bids in your targeted locations. What most users are unaware of, however, is the ability to use bid adjustments based on your location extensions. Below are the steps to enable this new feature.

Step 1: Enable location extensions. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you definitely should have location extensions already in place in your AdWords campaigns. This extension allows your ads to display information on the Google+ Local location nearest to the user.

Step 2: Determine if it is useful for your business to bid up for users who are near your location. This function is especially useful for restaurants, since users are often searching on mobile devices for the nearest place to eat. If these people are searching within your designated radius, you can increase your bids to ensure they are seeing your ad. However, this feature isn’t for everyone. If your goal isn’t to immediately bring a user through your door, this may not be as useful for you.

Step 3: Implement location extension bid adjustments. To do this, go to your campaign’s settings. Click on the locations tab and then click the green “+Locations” button. Click the “Advanced search” link and then the “Location extension targeting” link. Here you can select the radius where you want to increase your bids around your locations. Once you determine your radius, click “Add.” You then can adjust the bid for your location extensions just like you would a targeted location.

Location Extensions Bid Adjustments

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