Google AI Assistant is here to enhance marketers’ abilities

June 23, 2023

Andrew Weil
Recently, Google announced their newest AI integration: an AI assistant embedded in Google Ads. This tool has the promise to transform the work of digital marketers across the industry.

Google AI Assistant is here to enhance marketers’ abilities

During this year’s 2023 Google Marketing Live keynote presentation, Google unveiled its new conversational assistant that is planned to launch mid-summer: an AI feature imbedded into Google Ads that can make the campaign creation process easier using generative AI. This tool simply needs a relevant URL from a brand’s website to generate a myriad of assets for use in paid search campaigns such as ad copy and keywords.

Alarming for copywriters and media planners? Not exactly. Human input is paramount for the technology to work effectively because the conversational assistant will not have any contextual insight when creating assets such as a brand’s goals or characteristics. It’s why Google built in touchpoints within the AI’s workflow for advertisers to guide the AI to reach an optimal output. For example, if the first round of assets generated lacks key branding or strategic messaging points, advertisers can converse with the AI to mold the assets into what they need.


One primary benefit to marketers when leveraging Google’s conversational assistant is time savings. This new technology has the possibility to cut asset creation time in half as marketers no longer have to spend valuable time ensuring ads meet character counts, or if all targeted keywords are present in the copy. These considerations are all accounted for by the AI assistant when it creates assets. The time savings enabled by the technology will give marketers more freedom for devising tests, forecasting, and performing analysis, which are essential factors in driving strategic success.


AI without human input is like a chef cooking without good ingredients. It may be able to create something edible, but it won’t win a Michelin star any time soon. Working with AI technology and infusing insights (or ingredients) into its workflow will propel marketers’ work to new levels when used effectively. In no way can the new assistant embed all of the know-how necessary to craft a winning strategy, but the days of pure manual creation are numbered.