Google Releases New iOS Search Keyboard, Gboard

May 13, 2016

Collective Measures
Google released Gboard, a brand new search keyboard for iPhones. How will this impact SEO and what should digital marketers know? Find out at the agency blog.

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On May 12, 2016, Google released Gboard, a brand new search keyboard for iPhone users that will allow them to perform mobile search queries directly from their keyboard. Users can perform searches with the keyboard as they normally would with Google on mobile or desktop – such as look up a flight number or a video — then seamlessly share the search results card in the message.

Gboard will work in any app (including messaging, email, YouTube), and users can can use it anywhere on an iPhone. More specifically, Gboard allows users to:

  • Search and send anything from Google, such as nearby restaurants, videos, and weather forecasts
  • Search and send GIFs and emojis
  • Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter with Glide Typing feature

Gboard does not allow users to voice search to search Google and send messages with Gboard, and requires a connection to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. As of now Gboard is available for download in the App Store in English in the U.S., with reportedly more languages in the works.


  • Google wants to take native mobile share from Apple’s built-in iOS search system. The Gboard is easily integrated into a consistent daily activity for iOS’s 100 million users. Offering a search feature that stays within an app or messenger will increase Google engagement among iOS users.
  • Google search results are immediately shareable anywhere. Users can quickly copy and share restaurants, products, Quick Answers, or any other piece of content with friends (messaging), social networks (Twitter, Facebook), or coworkers (email).
  • The top 3 mobile rankings are more valuable than ever. Gboard search cards are presented in a single format, which should consolidate clicks to the first couple results.


1.Optimize “mobile-first” titles and meta descriptions to make them more shareable. The Gboard copy and paste function includes the title for the copied page, as well as the link to that page. The card results also show shortened titles and meta descriptions, which is consistent with standard mobile results.

2. Ensure your local listing business information is accurate. Mobile searches are often localized in nature – an inaccurate phone number, address, or hours can prevent Gboard users from sharing your page with other potential customers.

3. “Deep link” your app and website. If you have an app version of your website (or pages on your site), optimize their interlinking so the app can rank in mobile search. Google is increasingly ranking apps within mobile results, and the Gboard is another step towards a fully integrated device search experience.

Photo + Information Source: Google

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