Dialogtech Can Now Help You Track View-Through Call Conversions

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December 2, 2016
More companies are focusing on view-through conversions to gauge the success of display campaigns, but tracking can be difficult (especially with phone calls!). Enter Dialogtech, the answer to marketer’s tracking prayers.

More and more companies are starting to focus on view-through conversions to gauge the success of their display campaigns, as opposed to traditional click-based conversions. But figuring out how to track view-through conversions isn’t easy, especially with phone call conversions. Dialogtech now offers an exciting new solution to help track view-through call conversions so you can assess the success of your display campaigns more accurately.

What is the Difference Between Click-Based Conversions and View-Through Conversions?

Traditional click-based conversions for display marketing track how many users click on a given display ad and then go on to convert. Even if the conversion is a phone call, how a user accomplishes that seems pretty straightforward: see an ad, click on the ad, and call a campaign-specific number. So what’s the problem?

Well, comScore research shows that only 16% of all internet users click on a display ad in a given month. Additionally, DoubleClick has reported that the average click rate for an individual display ad campaign worldwide is about 0.1%. Those metrics don’t necessarily scream ‘successful campaign’. But plenty of users are still seeing that ad without clicking, and that’s where view-through conversion tracking can help fill the gap and give those display creatives the conversion attribution they deserve.

View-through conversions track the number of online conversions that happen within 30 days of a user seeing your ad but not clicking on the ad. The importance of this should be pretty clear: creative display advertising doesn’t necessarily produce immediate results (refer to 16% and 0.1% metrics above) but the ads are meant to stick with the user so they think of your brand later. This is why view-through conversion tracking is so important in tracking accurate ROI for display campaigns.

So how can you track view-through phone call conversions? Enter Dialogtech.

What is Dialogtech’s Solution?

Dialogtech, providers of one of the leading call attribution platforms for marketers today, recently announced a partnership with LiveRamp, an industry leader in data connectivity. Together they have created the missing link between display impressions and phone call conversions. Through this partnership, businesses can incorporate their Dialogtech call conversion attribution data with their LiveRamp-connected marketing platforms. In other words, Dialogtech can now integrate their call data with user data from other LiveRamp-connected platforms such as Google Display Network or DoubleClick to create a more comprehensive view of the customer journey. Businesses will now be able to tell which users were influenced by display even if they convert at a later date through a completely different channel, which is vital for calculating ROI from display campaigns. And with this new conversion data, businesses will be able to refine and improve their display ad targeting while avoiding targeting consumers who have already converted.

This new solution means Dialogtech can help businesses understand the full impact of display ads on the customer journey. Armed with the ability to attribute conversions more accurately, marketers can start making more informed optimization decisions to drive ROI.

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