Our Working Model

Some things, like our dedication to flexibility, are set in stone, while other pieces of the puzzle remain fluid so that we can keep a pulse on our surroundings. But our commitment to our team’s work/life balance hasn’t moved a muscle.

Remote Working

Remote work should work for you

Like many others, our agency transitioned to a remote work structure at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. And, honestly, it’s not all bad. Some days it may make sense to tackle a project from the comfort of your couch, and other days you may want to brainstorm with your team inside your favorite meeting room. Today our working model is flexible – including full-time remote options – so that everyone can find a way to work that works for them.

In-Office Perks

If you’ve been craving human interaction — or just need space to work away from your family — our office is open. Take in the 360-degree views of Minneapolis, hang out with your co-workers, and meet people for lunch in real life. Crazy, right? We even offer a commuter stipend, so it’s as easy as possible to get into, and park, downtown.

Remote Work Flexibility

Do you love spending winter on a beach in Florida? Is summertime at the cabin a sacred family tradition? Then you should do that. Our official remote work policy makes it possible for every employee to temporarily work in a remote location for a change of scenery. (As long as it’s within the United States and makes sense for their position).

User-Friendly Technology

The right tech keeps us seamlessly connected both in and out of the office. So we equip all employees with everything they need when working remote — including a home-office stipend. We’ve also outfitted the CM office with the latest and greatest video conferencing technology to make collaborating with on and off-site attendees seamless.


Work/Life Balance

Find your work/life balance

We’ve always been focused on finding the right balance of work and play, so there are some other features that you can expect to see as permanent fixtures within the agency. We are proud to share what programs we’ve put in place to help us stand out from the crowd and ensure that work never gets in the way of the most important things in life.

Flexible Schedules

Life has a way of changing our plans, and a flexible schedule is one way that we support our team so they can work hard and play harder. Adjustable hours and the ability to work from home are key factors that we consider when taking our employee’s schedule into consideration.

Summer Fridays

What’s better than half-day Fridays in the summer? Half-day Fridays all year long! Take a walk, see a movie, or just unwind on the couch with this uniquely Collective Measures perk. We offer each employee at the agency the opportunity to take advantage of half day Fridays as long as their 40 hours of work have been completed by Friday afternoon.

All Parents Paid Leave

Family is one of the most important things in life, and to make sure new parents have the support they need, Collective Measures is proud to offer paid parental leave — as well as transitional paid time upon return — for both new moms and dads, including adoptive parents, so that they can take the time they need to bond with their new bundle of joy. 

Our Collective Stories

When you’re remote, you get a glimpse into your coworker’s lives outside work. I think it humanizes people a little bit and helps you get to know them that much better. It’s made our culture that much richer when people can really bring their whole selves to work.

Max Easterday
Account Director

Chris Veenstra

Data Engineering Manager


We’re looking for people who are ready to own their work

People who want a true stake in the work they do. Curious, enthusiastic, and talented people. Awesome people. Driven people. The kind of people you love working with. People who are great at their jobs and just as good at life outside work. The kind of co-workers who pitch in because they like to, not because they have to. If that sounds like the kind of place where you’d want to show up for work, we’d love to talk.


We’re a performance marketing agency

We love the hunt for answers. Taking a client’s problem and analyzing it. Data-mining it. Optimizing it. Interpreting it. That’s what drives us and inspires us. The constant chase. Always looking for a new approach. A way to uncover new insights and more precise ways to use those insights. So we can track down and capitalize on every single opportunity to help our clients succeed.

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