We Are Employee Owned

Collective Measures is an employee-owned company, meaning that work we produce as individuals has shared benefits for the entire agency. We believe that our collective efforts should have collective rewards and that each member of our team should be empowered to act as an employee owner. Values such as transparency and teamwork aren’t just buzzwords that we include on our website, they’re woven into the fabric that makes us who we are.

FAQ – What is an ESOP?

How does the employee stock ownership plan work?

Collective Measures employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP, is an employee benefit that provides eligible staff with shared ownership of the business, in the form of stock, based on their compensation. And like stock, employee shares can appreciate in value over time.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the substantial retirement benefits that an ESOP provides, it is also responsible for a shared sense of teamwork and commitment amongst employee owners. Because the success of the ESOP is tied directly to work that we produce, you may notice your fellow employee owners going above and beyond to make sure you have the support you need to thrive. Shared success is our shared reality, and it is one of the many reasons Collective Measures stands out when it comes to our commitment to growth and excellence.

Who can participate?

All employees who work at least 1000 hours each year are automatically opted in to participate in the Collective Measures ESOP. There is no buy-in required to begin and shares are allocated on an annual basis. This means that the longer an employee works here, the larger their ownership in the agency becomes.

Does this replace a 401(k) plan?

NO. Absolutely not. The ESOP is an added retirement benefit, separate from our standard 401(k) plan. Collective Measures offers both the benefits that come with an ESOP and 401(K) benefits to employees without any additional cost to participate in the ESOP. And similarly to a 401(K), employee shares are held in a qualified plan, providing potential tax savings for retirement.

What does employee ownership look like?

How does it affect the culture?

It feels like you own the place. Because that’s the whole point. It means we have more transparency, more collaboration, more open doors and we’re all inspiring each other to innovate and push forward every single day.

How does it affect clients?

Because the success of our ESOP is directly tied to the work we produce, we’re more dedicated to our clients, have more consistent teams on their business, and go above and beyond to ensure every job is done to perfection.

How does it affect employees?

In addition to the financial benefits, cultural benefits and workplace benefits, every employee is more connected to their co-workers and has access to weekly owners’ meetings, financial updates and even shared education presentations.

Our collective story

Alex Ostermann

Account Manager

Being part of an ESOP makes you feel like you have a stake in the company, how it progresses, where it’s going. You’re more a part of everything. This is so different from other companies where leadership sits above you.

Theresa Swiggum
Media Director

Jo Fenlason

It & Operations Senior Manager

There’s a heightened sense of accountability as an employee owner. There’s a direct line between the company and the employee. Our company’s financial success and the value of our shares are tied together. It gives Collective Measures a different vibe than other agencies I’ve worked at. We’re more connected to each other’s success.

Nick Blissenbach
Media Director


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