We’re starting to get settled in our new space

February 09, 2010

We're starting to get settled in our new office, and we have a fun event for staff planned this Friday.

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Well it was a wild January for us at Nina Hale Inc. Moving into our fourth space in two years (due to growth), having to rip out the caulk from the walls that was smelly and for outdoor use only, adding new staff and everyone getting bigger desks. And the exciting addition of Peter’s hydraulic press capable of applying 20 tons of pressure (video forthcoming). People have been heads-down working like demons and to relax, we’re having our first “it’s smashing!” party this Friday. For office staff only, we’re spending Friday afternoon watching a movie (leaning towards Zombieland) and smashing things. We’ll have a regular office party soon for friends and clients, inviting all comers to bring items they’d like to smash flat.

Our 20 ton press

Here’s Annie, resplendent in her Gopher’s snuggie, building links and optimizing PPC accounts.

Annie in her Snuggie on a Link-Building mission

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