Our Minneapolis Office for Rent

November 16, 2009

We have to move again! But our growth is your gain because our beautiful Uptown Minneapolis office space is available for rent...

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Say it ain’t so! It seems like only a few months since we moved into lovely new digs in our office space in Uptown Minneapolis. That’s because it was only this spring. But we didn’t get a big enough space and now we’re outgrowing this one. So we’re hauling out of here to the far reaches of the warehouse district in Downtown Minneapolis. The new space is going to be FOUR TIMES bigger than this one, so we can’t imagine outgrowing that. We’re talking about having individual kingdoms for everyone, and Peter is promising to bring his 30-ton press so we can have fun squashing things. What else? I may finally fulfill my very real desire to have a life-size horse-shaped lamp.

But it also means that we need to find someone else to rent our minneapolis office. It’s a beautiful, sleek, 1,186 sf space, perfect for 3-6 people (not the 12 we sometimes have in here). There are four indivudual offices, a conference room for eight, and an open area for desks (we have five desks there now, but it’s probably better with two). There are amazing views of Lake Calhoun, heated parking (which I’m especially sad to give up because it’s better for my fancy shoes), secured entry, nightly janitorial services, and access to a small gym included in the rent. Tons of glass open the space up and provide light and views. The monthly rent is $3,250. To see more photos, go to the site we threw up – Minneapolis office space – or call us at 612-392-2427

Rent our Minneapolis office

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