Nina Hale Partners with The BrandLab

February 29, 2016

NHI announces a partnership with The BrandLab, an organization that aims to diversify the marketing & advertising industry through young people. Read more!

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On February 23rd, Nina Hale (NH) hosted an agency field trip for Como Park Senior High School students through The BrandLab, an organization that aims to diversify the marketing and advertising industry by introducing young people from diverse backgrounds to various industry opportunities.

Donna Robinson, NHI’s CEO, spearheaded the partnership and the field trip. The day included an agency and industry overview from Robinson, an agency tour, lunch with NHI employees, a Q&A panel, and then a real client challenge for the students to solve.

“When students don’t have the opportunity to learn that marketing is a career option, or might not know it exists, it limits thinking and potential. Maybe marketing isn’t what they pursue but this experience provides a spark of curiosity and hopefully a motivation toward future possibilities.  We [Nina Hale, Inc.] wanted to partner with The BrandLab because we believe in the mission and believe in the value of diversity, especially in our industry.”

“Our clients are extremely diverse and in turn, so are their consumers. The ad industry should recruit, and retain talent to reflect that diversity, which ultimately will lead to better thinking, and results,” stated Robinson.

In continuing its partnership, NHI will provide a paid internship for a BrandLab student during summer 2016. The internship will give a student work experience and exposure to a potential career path in digital marketing.

The BrandLab

A few of The BrandLab students presenting their solution for the client challenge activity.


The BrandLab’s mission is to change the face and voice of the marketing industry by introducing, guiding and preparing students for careers in marketing and advertising. The organization believes in a future industry that reaches new heights through the creativity of people of any race or socioeconomic background. To make its vision a reality, the organization brings together agencies, companies, and volunteers in the Twin Cities to create opportunities for students to become connected with the marketing and advertising industry.

The BrandLab starts by connecting with students at the high school level. Through experiential curriculum, the organization sparks young peoples’ interests in opportunities in the marketing and creative field that they didn’t even know existed.

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