Confessions of Nina Hale, Inc. Employees: What We Love about Our Jobs

June 18, 2014
Our most recent hires spill the beans about what it's like to work at Nina Hale, Inc., and our anonymous survey reveals how much we value our leadership. Read more about daily life at NHI.

In the past year, the staff at Nina Hale, Inc. has expanded. To stay on top of our digital knowledge, we’ve hired additional specialists in every service area, and we’re still growing!

Here’s what a few of our newest staff members have had to say about their experience working with NHI.

What’s your favorite part about Nina Hale, Inc. so far?

“The really, really smart people. Having access to knowledge and resources that allow me to learn and grow as a digital professional is a feature that is not necessarily commonplace at other agencies. The diversity and sophistication of the work that we do has many challenges and rewards.”

“We have a culture of positivity, collaboration and innovation that all combine to allow for a unique and fulfilled working experience. There are opportunities for responsibility and access to broaden your skills as well as diversity of client exposure.”

-Barrett G., Senior Social Media Manager, with NHI since July 2013

 “This is a more creative environment. It’s nice being someplace where you are appreciated and valued.”

-Maggie H., Executive Assistant, with NHI since March 2014

“It makes me proud because Nina Hale, Inc. is a company respected by its clients and other agencies in the area.”

-Jena P., Project Manager, with NHI since February 2014

“I appreciate the opportunities and generosities provided by this agency that make it different from others in Minneapolis. Working at Nina Hale, Inc. means being a part of a fun, results-driven work environment.”

-Bridget M., Account Manager, with NHI since July 2013

“We care about the digital marketing industry. We constantly educate ourselves on the changing market, the competition and how it impacts our clients. The company is interested in a work life balance. This is different from other places where I’ve worked. But also the level of knowledge in the team is unprecedented. Those are the two things that really stand out to me.”

-Brennan B., Senior Paid Media Manager, with NHI since December 2013


Highlights from our Employee Survey

In May, employees also completed an anonymous survey about work satisfaction, from which we received amazing feedback about daily life at NHI. Here are some highlights.

“This organization is amazing in terms of recognizing its employees. Being an ESOP organization there is a lot of pride amongst employees and the leaders are amazing in terms of always making employees feel appreciated… There aren’t many companies where the CEO and President praise folks on a weekly/daily basis. It’s an amazingly gratifying place to work.

“NHI is an amazing place to work with phenomenal people, both professionally as well as personally. We have fun working together and provide quality work for our clients. I cannot imagine a better place to work.”

“The leaders within this organization really take time to listen. Whether it’s opinions on ways to improve things or ideas on how to better help our customers, the leadership at NHI really listens to employees and makes changes based on what is said. They are supportive in every way possible and consistently demonstrate a respect for employees that is like none other.”

Seeking a digital marketing job?

We’re always looking for new talent in the search marketing field to join our amazing and much appreciated workplace. View our open positions.


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