Nina Hale Digital Breakfast 2019

2019 Digital Breakfast Recap

May 17, 2019

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On April 17, 2019, Nina Hale hosted its Fifth Annual Digital Breakfast at the Walker Art Center. Our most successful year yet, the event quickly sold out with a crowd of over 400 marketers in attendance. This year we focused on teaching attendees how to navigate the evolving complexity of marketing in 2019 and beyond. Why? Every facet of our industry is becoming more and more complex. Media channels are continuing to evolve, becoming more precise and targeted than ever before. Search algorithms are getting smarter every day. And accurately measuring and analyzing it all? That’s no easy task.

In 2019, our event partner and keynote speaker was Adobe. We also had several leaders from Nina Hale deliver presentations focused on media, search, and analytics. Check out our full presentation video here.

Adobe: Bringing Precision + Accountability Up The Funnel

adobe at digital breakfast 2019

Adobe took the stage first as our keynote speaker. Their focus? Advertisers know more about their customers today than ever before, but the traditional means for planning, activating, and measuring awareness-focused media, like TV, remain focused on general demographics, minimal targeting, and broad reach. Through innovations across data targeting, inventory, artificial intelligence, and attribution, Adobe shared how marketers can make their higher funnel media as accountable and performance-driven as direct response media.

3 Takeaways From Adobe To Maximize Your TV Investment With Data

  • It’s crucial to leverage your first- and third-party data
    • Use a full marketing stack
    • Activate an omnichannel strategy
    • Adopt a premium inventory and data strategy
  • Combining software + automation can change how you advertise with TV
    • Combat inventory packing with software and automation
  • In order to make TV more accountable, you have to incorporate a measurement strategy
    • Combatting limited reporting with a holistic measurement strategy

Nina Hale: Building A Brand In A Digital World

nina hale digital breakfast

Opening for Nina Hale was Media Director Ashley Terpstra and Vice President of Media Kathleen Petersen. Their main point? As consumer media usage continually increases, driving brand awareness is even more important in the cluttered digital landscape. So, what role does media really play in a larger marketing mix? And how does creative factor in? Luckily for marketers, awareness media and creative are becoming more measurable and easier to test than ever before. Thanks to Ashley and Kathleen, attendees were able to learn about the changing landscape and how to advance media channels to better plan, measure, and test awareness strategies and tactics.

Key Takeaways To Consider When Thinking About Your Brand Building Efforts:

  • Branding in a digital world is now more tailored + measurable than before thanks to data
  • Channel evolution means you don’t have to guess if branding is working
  • Measurement strategy and setup is equally as important as execution for ensuring accurate testing and results

Nina Hale: The 80/20 Data Challenge

Nina Hale Digital Breakfast 2019

Covering the data side of the event, Nina Hale’s Senior Director of Analytics & Measurement Mike Baranowski and Executive Vice President of Client Services Allison McMenimen presented the “The 80/20 Data Challenge.” Mike and Allison expertly laid out how marketers can get their data house in order to tackle the most complex data challenges. Their session taught attendees new ways to collect, standardize, leverage, and gather insights from your data. The end goal? Discovering and utilizing the data that truly innovates a business.

Key Takeaways To Get Your Data House In Order:

  • Data management is a key function of marketing
  • Don’t forget the four competencies: Collection, Standardization, Reporting, and Insights
  • Leverage advocates and develop a data and measurement strategy
  • Establish your 80% to build a solid foundation and focus on your 20% to drive your business forward

Nina Hale: The Death Of The Keyword + Rise Of Intent-Driven Content

Rounding out the event was Heather Murphy, VP of Performance Content + Social Media, and Lauren Beerling, Performance Media Supervisor at Nina Hale. Their presentation – Death of the Keyword and Rise of Intent-Driven Content – was previously featured in Adweek. Their main point: as users move away from searching with specific keywords and begin searching more conversationally (thanks, Alexa), gone are the days of simple keyword mapping, optimization, and immediate page 1 ranking. Traditional keyword targeting is antiquated. With the shift away from keywords and towards intent, our audience learned how to prepare their organic and paid search strategies for 2019 and beyond.

A few takeaways for the future of search and intent-driven content:

  • Focus on the “think” portion of your audience’s journey
  • Shift away from “one keyword, one page” and exact match
  • Understand who is winning in your search landscape and why, while also evolving with Google as the landscape changes
  • Organic search and paid search are always better together

Looking ahead to next year’s Digital Breakfast

As we officially wrap up this year’s event, we are already eagerly planning for next year – being sure to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest digital marketing trends, predictions, and updates.

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