Land O’Lakes Content Strategy for Diverse Audience Segments

Imagine owning a multi-million-dollar ranch and needing to feed the entire herd of cattle. Now imagine owning a handful of chickens in your backyard and needing to find tips for managing an urban flock. These examples represent vastly different consumers, but both are potential customers of Purina Animal Nutrition, a division of Land O’Lakes Inc.

The Challenge

Identifying unique engagement strategies across several audiences.

Purina Animal Nutrition looked to Collective Measures to help develop a robust content strategy that would align website content with the needs of multiple audience segments searching for information on a number of different species.

The challenge? There are six species that comprise Purina Animal Nutrition’s core business, including dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, swine, flock, and show animals. Each species requires unique engagement strategies and novel approaches to content to earn visibility in organic search.

And this meant that one general content strategy wasn’t going to cut it – we needed to outline species-specific content strategies that would align with Purina Animal Nutrition’s business goals, meet consumer needs, and propel organic search performance.

The solution

Data-driven approach to content marketing.

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Collective Measures kicked the project off with a comprehensive content audit and gap analysis. We audited content through the lens of a consumer’s purchase journey and immediately spotted a cross-species trend – while all species had sufficient content to support the post-purchase loyalty phase, there was little to help with the early phases. The brand lacked sufficient website content to meet consumer needs throughout their journey, with noticeable gaps in the awareness, engagement, conversion, purchase, and service journey phases.

To fill this gap, Collective Measures created a data-driven content development and optimization roadmap for each individual species. This included specific page-level recommendations to ensure consumers can find relevant information throughout their journey.

The results

New content & optimizations drove results.

The content strategy helped the company achieve its quarter-over-quarter objective of increasing on-site leads, defined as “where to buy” conversions and “feed trial request” conversions. New content and optimizations made to existing content helped to yield:

  • 33% increase in “where to buy” conversions
  • 9% increase in “feed trial request” conversions