B2B Technical SEO Audit

With a diverse and fragmented audience, this client found that online was the most efficient method for reaching prospects.

The Challenge

Diagnosing decreased website performance.

For this reason, our client relies heavily on its website for lead generation, so ensuring the site has high visibility in organic search is critically important. Earlier this year the company began noticing a decrease in organic rankings, impressions, and traffic, and called on Collective Measures to diagnose and resolve the problem.

The solution

We provided technical SEO recommendations to improve website performance.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Analytics + Measurement

Upon careful analysis, Collective Measures determined the client’s website was suffering from WWW and non-WWW duplication. As a result, search engines were indexing both versions of the site, and because they found two separate versions of each webpage, the client was facing major issues with duplicate content. Further, instead of consolidating a page’s link equity on one URL, that equity was split across two pages.

To resolve this issue, Collective Measures worked with the client’s team to determine which version of the site – the WWW version – would be the preferred one, and went about providing the necessary technical recommendations to bring this fruition.

The results

11+ Positions in average ranking position after addressing site duplication.

After implementing the proper redirects between versions, this site duplication ceased. As a result, the website saw dramatic improvement in organic search visibility: its average rank on its core organic keywords improved from 27 in January to 16 by the end of September, two months post-implementation.