B2B SEO Website Overhaul to Impact Organic Ranking

Not only are the product offerings of this B2B client wide, deep, and complex, but the website has multiple entrances for searchers to find and browse their products.

The Challenge

Implementing SEO best practices across the site.

The result? Too many pages with the same information – and all competing for the same keywords. Further, many of the primary landing pages contained no content, and foundational search engine optimization standards had not been applied to the site.

The Solution

We leveraged keyword research to optimize content across the site.

Extensive keyword research was completed for each division and subdivision of the organization to understand how individuals search for their products and solutions. To simplify our approach, we started with the two highest producing divisions, mapping the primary and secondary keywords to the most appropriate site pages. Optimization efforts began with improving title and meta tags, page headings, image text, and finally adding informational content to the site pages.

The Results

1,745 Keywords ranking on the first page of Google, an increase of 12%.

In only 5 months, the team saw significant results including:

  • 12% increase in the number of high traffic keywords increased
  • 12% increase in the keywords ranking in the first position of Google
  • 20% increase in rankings for position 2-5 increased
  • 14% increase in long-tail keywords (3 or more words) with a 25% increase on first page results
  • Conversions increased by 20% while conversion rate increased by 31% for organic search